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  1. From Connecticut (22), this is from the poker room here @ Sugarhouse Casino in Philly this morning. Went something like this. my stack is $125 Looking at 7s6d , 7 players dealt in, I'm BB, limps all around w/ few folds, I check, 4 see the flop, flop is 7h6sJh, i bet $10, utg calls (stack about $150) , utg+1 folds, CO calls (stack about $300), turn is Qh, i check, utg bets $10, CO folds, I call , heads up to river, River is a 7c .I check, Utg bets $10 , I raise $50, utg tanks eventually calls, I turn over full house, he shows QcJc. Had to quickly leave table, came to Philadelphia with
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