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  1. Hey, I just created a youtube channel where I am going upload some poker hand analysis videos.


    I run a poker coaching website called Ultimate Poker Coaching that features several experienced pros. This is the very first video of the channel -

    , so any feedback will be welcomed and will help to provide better content for future videos.


    What do you think of the thought process, is it presented in an easy to digest way? Maybe, it's not appropriate for absolute beginners, but I believe people who have some experience should be able to understand it.


    If you enjoy the video please give a thumbs up or subscribe for the channel to get notified of future videos. By the way, one of the coaches of the academy has two Sunday Million final tables to his poker resume, last one was recently and he came 2nd for 109k$.He is also going to record a video for the channel soon, so stay tuned for more free videos.


    Thanks :)

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