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  1. Hey, I recently wrote a post with 9 online poker tips for beginners. Do you think there are more tips that should be included in the post, or some that doesn't belong here? Any constructive feedback will be welcomed. Thanks!
  2. what do you guys think of Royal Salute? It's like one of the most expensive ones in my country like 200-300 euros per bottle, mainly big time gangsters consume it...
  3. Paddington 2, it was quite funny, although it was only me, my Gf and an old lady in the whole cinema.. probably because they were showing Stars Wars at the same time in another hall.
  4. Hey, I just created a youtube channel where I am going upload some poker hand analysis videos. I run a poker coaching website called Ultimate Poker Coaching that features several experienced pros. This is the very first video of the channel - , so any feedback will be welcomed and will help to provide better content for future videos. What do you think of the thought process, is it presented in an easy to digest way? Maybe, it's not appropriate for absolute beginners, but I believe people who have some experience should be able to understand it. If you enjoy the video please give
  5. In general I like him, but I am not happy when he defended the increasing rakes in Poker Stars on his video blog. I know he has a contract with them, but still this definitely brought more haters and even some fans like me doesn´t like him anymore.
  6. one more vote for HM2. I am really happy with their customer care department and in my opinion this is not something to underestimate.
  7. this sucks man but nothing you can do, just a sick suckout...with that stack size you would be loosing a lot of value if you raise allin preflop in that spot. 3bet is fine, then nice shove on flop.. just luck
  8. when was the last time you played it?
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