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  1. Looks like there are not many useful apps out there, but here is what I've found so far: 1) “Holdem Manager” – keeps track of your income/losings during live/online sessions (more of the financial part of the game) 2) “Pokerstove” – hand range evaluation (similar to PC version) 3) “All-In Poker Tracker” – checks your luck factor and keeps track of your all-ins for each session 4) "Poker Agent" - bankroll management tool, similar to "Holdem Manager" 5) "Donkey Tracker" - poker tracking for live poker. This app creates a simple HUD (heads up display) for live casino poker. Also I not
  2. Hello, Can you recommend any poker tools for Android, which I can use during my live and online sessions? Basically I'm looking for something like PokerTracker, but for mobile. I need to be able to track my sessions, and evaluate it later. Thanks.
  3. I agree, AK is only good when short stack to push preflop
  4. Folding preflop is ok here.
  5. what is spades? can someone explain plz?
  6. My advice is not to play poker just yet... get an education first, focus on math, and if you like it - you can get back to poker later anytime
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