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  1. Villian Stats (VPIP/PFR/AF): 28/21/3.12 Full Tilt poker $100/$200 6-max cash game Villain is been in this game for a while, he is probably a rich bussines men who enjoy playing high stakes and gamble. He is in his third buy-in for $10K, he got broke when he got in with a gutshot on the turn vs a set, called a shove with AK high on a double paired board, the fact is that he had just 5-bet shoved over me with 5h4c, i called with KsKd, and he got there with a club flush, so i was a little angry about him. Maybe that because i end doing what i did. On this hand he was about $20K. UTG:$ 18.9
  2. Nut flush on the river/OOP, bet or cr Pokerstars $1/2 NoLimit Hold'em cash game 6-Max Hero:$282.91 MP2:$228,32 CO:$200 BTN:$319,20 SB:$ 164,78 BB:$200 Hero Opens to $6 with AhJh, MP2 calls, all others fold. Flop: Ks9hJd Hero bets $10, MP2 calls $10 Turn 4h Hero bets $28, vallain calls $28 River 6h Bet this river or checkraise?
  3. Pokerstars NL 5/10 cash game 6 max Vilain is in the CO is a Very agressevely regular. UTG 123.5BB MP2:107.38BB VILLAIN:155BB Hero: 112BB SB: 97BB BB:98BB SB put 0.5BB, BB put 1BB 2 folds, VILLAIN Opens for 3BB, hero calls with KdQd Flop JcTc6s Villain checks, hero bet 6.5BB, VILLAIN calls Turn Qh VILLAIN checks, hero bets 12.5BB, vallain calls River Qs Villain checks, do you bet this river for value or check behind, if you bet, what would you do if he raise us?
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