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  1. I have been playing 6 months in Seals With Clubs and finally I have discovered a new (apparently, they are not online yet) poker room: http:\\bitlandpoker.is I just wanted to share this with all of you because I am really dissapointed with SwC software and servers and I was looking for some new bitcoin poker rooms. Hope you will join!
  2. Anymore to say? :(I am really interested to know the opinion of experimented poker players... I am new at online poker and I would like to start playing poker with btc.Thanks
  3. I have been playing poker this time in Sealswithclubs and one thing is for sure...even when the bitcoin price is falling down and then, suddenly goes up, and then down again... even in this unestable sittuation, people still playing poker there...the traffic is almost the same so, it would be because of the advantages of playing with bitcoin. No matter if the price is low (you can overcome this handicap by playing differents tables)....the fact is that anonymity, low rakes, low in/out commisions, globalization (play against all the world again) and so on are the things that made possible t
  4. Hi everyone! I'm new here and I'm very interested in bitcoin poker...I have seen this thread asking about it but it is old and I would like to know recent impressions about it... do you think bitcoin poker will have any future? Nowadays bitcoin price is falling down, but I really trust in this technology!
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