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  1. Hey Daniel, to answer the question you asked earlier...


    No, their is no charge to listen to the podcast... Even if we don't raise a ton of money it is important to raise awareness... 1 in 2000 kids have this disease and it hardly gets any exposure. We want to help those children have a better life. I don't expect anyone who cannot afford it to have to pay to listen to us talk about it. If the listeners walk away feeling like they heard some good radio and got a lot of poker info and some knowledge about a serious affliction I will be just as happy and I am sure the charity will as well.


    We do poker podcasts all week, every week and have never charged for it and we never will, this is one particular event is us trying to help out a very worthy cause.


    To be fair, I have stated that anyone who wants a downloadable copy of the entire 50 hours after it is over can get it no problem if they donate something to the charity, 50 cents for all I care, but the reality of it is that if anyone contacts us and says "Hey guys, I would love to have a download of the show but I can't spare the 50 cents" I am going to give it to them for free anyway 100% of the time.

  2. Hey guys,My name is Johnny Sep..


    I am the owner/host of the podcast,


    First, thank you Daniel, I appreciate you making this thread and making people aware of your opinion. Secondly, I am aware of the 2+2 policy and I can't even say that I completely disagree with it, I think a better policy would be to do 5 minutes worth of research and verify that the charity is okay before completely dismissing and insulting it, obv ProfessionalPoker has that kind of time on his hands. Kevmath posted a link to the UCARE scandal, couple things, first while that was unraveling I did a 3 hour podcast to help expose all of those details, second, the charity didn't have a thread on 2p2, a user came to post about being rolled by the charity, you can't use that as an example of charity backfiring on 2p2 because it never makes it to NVG without the controversy.


    May as well link to the Barry Greenstein playground thread as an example of the poker community doing something wonderful for a worth cause, or all the Ante Up for Africa threads, etc...


    The two threads that were posted on 2p2 were posted by people uninvolved in my website and posted because they thought it was topical, I knew that someone would try to make a thread about it at some point so I reached out to Mason Malmuth in advance and that did not got well....


    Hello Mason,


    My name is John Sep, I am an owner at www.VegasPokerRadio.com . I am writing you because we are hosting a 50 hour poker show beginning on September 3rd to benefit the 22Q Foundation, a charity that helps make life easier for children who suffer from 22Q.11 deletion syndrome (22Q.org for more information)


    The press release is here...




    The guest list for the show is looks like this so far:


    Sheila Kambin (22Q Rep)

    Josh Arieh

    Norman Chad

    Ryan Dempster (Texas Rangers)

    Shannon Shorr

    Jared Tendler

    Jamie Gold

    Gavin Griffin

    Michele Breedlove (22Q Rep)

    Dusty Schmidt

    Matt Savage

    Christina Lindley

    Greg Raymer

    Jonathon Little

    Tony G

    Richard Roeper

    Greg "FBT" Mueller

    Andy Frankenberger

    Chris Moneymaker

    Victor Ramdin

    David Plastik

    Asian Spa


    I am writing you for a few reasons, one of our listeners wanted to make a thread about it here, but I asked that he didn't without me reaching out to you first and seeing if it was acceptable for someone not involved with the show or site to make a thread about it.


    Also, I wanted to see if you, David or the guys from the Pokercast had any interest in being a guest on the show.


    Thanks for taking the time to read all of this and I look forward to hearing back from you.





    I'm sorry but it's 2+2 policy not to support any charities.




    I'm not asking you to support it, I am asking if it is okay for someone to make a thread discussing it. I am not going to make a thread about it, no one who has anything to do with the show will make a thread, it is topical and relevant poker news, I just wanted to extend the courtesy of reaching out to you before one of my users just popped up a thread, thats all.




    No. It's our policy not to support charities. I think this should be clear.




    I honestly don't care what 2p2 does and what their policy is, I am fine with them saying no. What is not okay is the way they treat and talk to people, especially those attempting to do something good for someone else...


    That's the part that is mind boggling to me.

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