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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to leave Daniels interview during the podcast here... Some really great stuff in there!
  2. Edited my post, you are correct sir... It was pretty late when I wrote that
  3. Hey Daniel, to answer the question you asked earlier... No, their is no charge to listen to the podcast... Even if we don't raise a ton of money it is important to raise awareness... 1 in 2000 kids have this disease and it hardly gets any exposure. We want to help those children have a better life. I don't expect anyone who cannot afford it to have to pay to listen to us talk about it. If the listeners walk away feeling like they heard some good radio and got a lot of poker info and some knowledge about a serious affliction I will be just as happy and I am sure the charity will as well.
  4. Hey guys,My name is Johnny Sep.. I am the owner/host of the podcast, First, thank you Daniel, I appreciate you making this thread and making people aware of your opinion. Secondly, I am aware of the 2+2 policy and I can't even say that I completely disagree with it, I think a better policy would be to do 5 minutes worth of research and verify that the charity is okay before completely dismissing and insulting it, obv ProfessionalPoker has that kind of time on his hands. Kevmath posted a link to the UCARE scandal, couple things, first while that was unraveling I did a 3 hour podcast to
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