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  1. Hi Opie, Thanks for pointing this out. It actually allows me to make a distinction. The word "retard" has a very negative connotation for me, but I personally NEVER equate it to someone with lets say, CP, Downs, or even 22q. For me, there's a very big difference between "retarded", and "mentally challenged". People with Downs, 22q, or CP may possibly be mentally challenged due to their malady, but I never mix or confuse the mentally challenged with people who act "retardedly". I also am very lucky to be in medical sales and get to work with patients who might be mentally challenged. An
  2. I just wanted to add here that since this shitstorm began, PP has privately apologized to me for the way he handled this. I really don't feel like posting this in the 2+2 thread just yet because some of the people in that thread are completely retarded and their views are a little warped. Just to make sure I am clear, I never asked for any money. I posted that the podcast was happening, and people could learn more about 22q at the website. He read just the beginning and thought I would be asking for money for a charity and just deleted it. And to make one more thing very clear, The guy
  3. I was the original person to post, and have the DM "run in" with Professionalpoker. I was really pissed about him pointing out how big or small the foundation was. The point of the foundation, and what the radio show is trying to get across is we need to raise awareness for this. The 22q deletion is almost as common as Downs, but no one knows about it because the testing for it has only been in existence for abvout 15 years, and currently, we are trying to get pre-natal screening pushed through the government so more kids can be detected early on. My daughter has 22q, but we didn't know until
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