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  1. Damn, I don't think that's well-structured. I think they should give points accordingly, as they do with the money from the prizepool. Oh well, can't do anything about it, now can I Good thing Vanessa Selbst and JP Kelly are still up there with big numbers. If both make it to the final table do I get points for both of them or just for the one that does better?
  2. Wait, so you don't get a small number of points for betting on Phil Hellmuth or Jason Mercier for example? Just the final table???
  3. Hey guys, I have been wondering how many of you think it's better to play either Online poker or Live poker. I would love to see some comments and reasons for your choice. Personally, I prefer live poker because in the reputable casinos there is absolutely no chance of a rigged game while in online poker I've noticed that players tend to get sucked out quite regularly. I have played on a lot of poker sites and found that some are more likely to give you a bad beat while others aren't. For example, 888 poker, Nordic poker(bet? not sure) are huge rigged sites, filled with bad beat stories. On po
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