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  1. i only had three bad attacks, one that was just awful. but i had the tightness and cramping all the time. just got used to it. weird thing is i still feel that same tightness now. i guess it’s like a phantom pain. i really hope it goes away soon cause if there is still something wrong i’m gonna be so pissed.
  2. it may not be long, but at least it isn’t wide.
  3. if they’d done it via my dick they’d need one of those special microscopes particle physicists use.
  4. they did the minimally invasive surgery. the pain is down a lot today, so that’s good.
  5. things carry on, much as they have this past age.
  6. i got 30 oxy, but i haven’t taken one yet. don’t want too.
  7. the doc really undersold the pain i’d be in. made it sound like shoulder pain would be the worst of it, but i’m here to tell you my shoulder is fine, but my abdomen, where they cut me, is killing me.
  8. thanks e buddies. i survived. was feeling crazy nauseous after they made me take a percocet, but i think that’s past. now just really sore.
  9. only technological advances will stop global warming, and we’re 20 to 25 years from having what we need be available to all and be accepted as the universal course of action. having my surgery tomorrow morning. i know i’ll see you all again, this side or the other.
  10. i don’t even know what i watched in the second half. just a complete collapse.
  11. i’m eating slightly healthier, by default. so that is a factor.
  12. so with my gallstones and inflamed gallbladder i have been eating about one-third the amount of food, maybe even less, than i used to. it’s helped keep the pain in check, and my surgeon said he was surprised, given the inflammation that i wasn’t in more pain. consequently, i’ve lost around 17 pounds. i went to chipotle downtown for lunch today for the first time in awhile and the cashier told me i looked really skinny and good. so i got that going for me. crazy how little food we actually need to get by. hopefully i can keep it up after my surgery.
  13. strat, if you move back to kc just know that traffic is much worse than it used to be. seems every day i’m at a stand still for 30 minutes on 169 by the downtown airport. i’m posting this from my car right now. huge project planned in johnson county next year too. fvckin disaster. i think i’m going to move downtown and start walking to work.
  14. i’m so happy college football is back. best time of the year.
  15. mindhunter season 2 just as good, so far, as season 1. best show on tv now.
  16. Flawed Data set! Sad! acute inflammation of the gallbladder. referral to general surgeon has been made.
  17. just got the follow up call from my gallstones. another scan, this one at the radiology department at the hospital. apparently takes 90 minutes, and is called a hepatobiliary scan.
  18. someone stole four things from office last night. my opened box of cheez-it’s grooves, four quarters, a mini replica keychain thor’s hammer that my brother gave me, and the 6 inch statue of buddha i bought to remind myself to stay calm and relax when i get annoyed. ironically, the theft of my buddha has driven me to need it more than ever. damn the bastard who forced me into this position.
  19. it was the likely end, i just didn’t see it coming after we parted ways with a hug. i thought i did pretty good, but i obviously don’t know what the fvck i’m talking about.
  20. well, a quick google tells me i should avoid fatty foods like french fries, cheese, sour cream, sweets, soda, etc. no sour cream and cheese makes chipotle rough. i’m still going to do it, but i’m taking my life in my hands each time. i mean for fvcks sake i ate a berry salad for lunch today. it was awful.
  21. it was gallstones. whole mess of them apparently. googled it and i can’t eat anything that tastes good, so life is basically over.
  22. Been having some abdominal pains over the last few weeks. Feels like a vice, squeezing my insides. Blood work all normal, they tell me. Have an ultra sound tomorrow. Doc thinks it might be gallstones. Let’s hope it’s not my colon, or they might have to get in there and find some answers.
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