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  1. Tilty would have come back if he was still alive. I know it. Sadly he is gone from this world.
  2. He really did have it all. Miss that guy.
  3. That never happened and I’ll thank you to stop spreading FAKE NEWS, Sir.
  4. I cancelled my cable back in April, and the nba alone isn’t enough to get it back. But I’ll have it bwck for the late nba playoffs, assuming they play college football. If not then I won’t have cable anytime soon. I use my dads mlb.tv to watch baseball which is nice.
  5. Let’s talk vaccine. Personally, I won’t be among the first to get inoculated., especially if they get it out this year. I just don’t trust it.
  6. But I could just be pissed about this news about the Marlins. I mean we knew this would happen, that’s why they have the taxi squads. We gotta push through and keep playing.
  7. First time back at the casino tonight. Playing 5 handed. Feels good to be back.
  8. He’s right. Took me around 6 months to get used to it. Now I ride the bike no problem. Of course I weigh a lot less now, which helps.
  9. Sometimes you can just tell someone is a nice person. I see that there.
  10. Anyone have weekend plans? I don’t. I might take a nap tomorrow. I might not. We’ll just have to see how I sleep tonight.
  11. That’s true. I probably made a mistake. Wouldn’t be the first time. Won’t be the last I’m afraid.
  12. Well in that case she worked in politics, so her professional and personal life involved politics at every level. And I am decidedly not left if bernie, so I just don’t see how that works in 2020.
  13. That’s true. The under boob was nice. And we were talking no sugar soda. I’d love to get back on the hard stuff but I just can’t do it. Gotta keep this new skinny body for as long as I can
  14. South Korea is a good place to be from. Some very lovely women over there. Good luck sir.
  15. I haven’t, no. I might though. My dad bought 25 boxes of flavoring to put in water when we were at the store the other day. Grape flavor, he loves it.
  16. For about 8 months after my surgery I drank only water, literally nothing else. But during the lockdown I’ve gotten into diet soda. Needed something to give me a little caffeine. Pibb zero is pretty good. Not a fan of any of the other ones I’ve tried. Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero was pretty bad and I had high hopes. But I got the pibb zero which is nice. Of course, now I’m addicted and need one by lunch or I feel weird.
  17. It’s my understanding that statue was paid for by the wages of freed slaves and Frederick Douglas spoke at its unveiling. But the people of 2020 obviously know better.
  18. Hey you had some great texts either way! i went on a date last summer, I think I mentioned it here. I thought it went well. When we left she initiated a hug and said “I’ll text you when I get home.” I took that as a good sign. She texted to say she didnt want to see me again. So you really never know with the ladies.
  19. I don’t consider texting back and forth before you meet for the first time in person to be fun. I don’t need your life story by text before we meet.
  20. Way to go, stratego. Good luck at the dinner. nothing to report here. I went. Ahead and booked a trip to Vegas in lat July assuming most everything will be back open. If it’s not I guess I’ll cancel. Got a hot 20 dollar room rate at Bally’s.
  21. I thought three hour quarterly meetings were tough in person, but on the phone it is torture. I have to fight to pay attention. I do my part at the end and it’s tough to listen to the first 2.5 hours. But that’s the life I guess.
  22. Fvckin women. There’s no telling why they do the crazy things they do.
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