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  1. It's a shame, that you told us what he had...now it's hard, to be objective:)Without any information I guess he could donk the flop with Jx, sets, cdraws, FDs. Idk, if he would fold any of this vs a raise...probablay fold his weaker FDs, and the Jx type hands. But I don't think that raising is better than calling, because you can't force him to fold many stronger hands. (If I think that he can donkbet with 88-TT, 7x, and he would bet-fold, then I raising for sure:) )But I would fold after his turn bet, because I don't think that with this size he would ever bet-fold any Jx (ofc he wouldn't fol
  2. Are you donkbetting in this spot (vs Ike, and these stacksizes) at all? Or either c/c or CR?Btw this topic is pure gold:)Thanks Daniel for the insight! I would never consider CR with air, and in appearance without FE, but there are definitely some good spots for that:)
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