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  1. Hard to tell what's best with 0 info on the BB. Both calling and raising flop is fine I think, but I like shoving turn a lot more than calling, you fold out all the dominating Ax flush draws, most pairs under a J and maybe some of his worst Js.
  2. I get what you're saying about preserving our stack, although I think you're overvaluing our edge in future spots, this being a 25k high roller. By shoving, we lose the value of allowing him to 4bet bluff, and we make ourselves easier to play against from the blinds. This will actually encourage him to open wider vs our blinds, which will result in slightly less future profitable situations. I don't believe it's worth it just to avoid the added variance of sometimes playing out of position with 88. We only have a pot sized bet behind if he calls, so it's not a terrible spot to be in even vs Ik
  3. Wait what? I've got stacks at 36.9k effective. You're advocating shoving 30bb effective over a 2.4bb open? Sure, a shove is slightly +EV vs his opening range, but a 3bet to a bit over 10k is clearly better.
  4. Flop is probably razor thin/fine, its Ike you're not making money vs him anyways. Not sure why you don't 3bet preflop though.
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