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  1. Shame on Doyle and anyone else who plays with Howard! It makes them look really bad, so why would you want to stoop to that level, except to really give him a piece of your mind face to face. To prove bravery isn't necessary, because we know you are. To take his money is great, but what do you do with it after that? Isn't enough to pay off all the players. If I were you, I wouldn't even want to set foot inside the same casino as him. Lastly, I think the only reason he gave interviews was so he could go back to a casino. Always the schemer, the con man, thinking about his next step. I do
  2. The tightest player opening in mid pos should have set off alarms. The Russian 3 bet to see if "tight" was bluffing, and you had been playing for hours. Perhaps just too tired? Or was that tight player Freddie Deebs? LOL
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