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  1. Daniel, Are you aware that Choice Centre is an off shoot of Landmark Forum and EST? http://apologeticsindex.org/l30.html
  2. Your dad is mentioned because I found a quote of his regarding journalism:Perhaps NYU professor Mitchell Stephens said it best:”[O]pinion is a way of getting at the truth, and we tend to forget that sometimes in America. Sometimes you think that American journalism has gotten so opinionphobic that it has lost a tool that contributes to people’s understanding.”
  3. Thanks for the response, I do care about it because I have time invested in that forum. And although the group is small, I do have followers who have fact check some of the things I have said. I do make posts that seem unrelated sometimes. In the case of Boyd vs Malmuth I had a post deleted for being unrelated, but really it was totally relevant to the thread. So I went into PM and asked PP permission to post out of respect because I knew thread was vengeance against Dutch and I didn't want my account banned. He gave me permission once I asked:This is the message that was sent:************
  4. Check 4/30/10. If I'm mistaken I'm sorry. I remember seeing your email when I was cc'd. I also remember stating that I was waiting for you to post. I also remember after replying to FTP with that, that I was waiting for you to post. Then you were first post on subject.
  5. Visit My Websitehttp://www.twoplustwo.com/ForumAlert.php29/news-views-gossip/annette_15-joins-full-tilt-773828/Email was sent to you by Pocketkings.ie night before this post to post it. Site is hacked right now but you are OP. Very innocent shill post yest nevertheless a shill post. That is not the purpose of this thread however. It's about censorship at Two Plus Two and undeserving bans.Mods are free to do what they want according to Two Plus Two professionalpoker. This is fine for small shill posts but when they start banning me for hypothesis and researched subjects, then they are cros
  6. Yes lrgetout, It is my belief that the payments are coming via the lobbyist law firm they share. What I have debated in the past is that Two Plus Two needs to post disclaimer that they are getting paid by PPA or otherwise could face "shilling" laws in some states or by feds. Anyways, NoahSD said he's coming on here and said he didn't ban me. That leaves Ban Hammer Michael Minkoff who is likely mod. Here's Noah from Twitter:NoahSD ‏ @NoahSD Reply Retweet Favorite · Open@pokergossip Eh.. getting too long for twitter. I'll respond when they approve me on FCP. In reply to pokergossip1h NoahS
  7. I wanted to show everyone the sticky NoahSD put up to ridicule me and compare it to quote from a poker news site and industry speculator said today on onlinepoker.net:quote form websiteThe deal would then see PokerStars pardoned, potentially allowing it to partner with a land-based casino and apply for a license to enter the US market in the eventuality of legalisation. Under these circumstances, it has been suggested that PokerStars could even licence out Full Tilt’s software,with a Bodog representative commenting via Facebook:“I think it has to do with the software. I think they will keep th
  8. I do not think he (noah) is bad person deep down either. I do know that he was censoring me specifically. Secondly, he is linking to blogs all day long that are in is and his partners interests. I do believe he is a shill especially when it came to the Ivey debt. I am upset personally with Iveys 10 million debt but dont agree with how it was exposed. As far as Minkoff goes.... He is Malmuth's lacky andhe is responsible for Two Plus Two's declining book sales. Case in point: Have you seen how 2001 his website design is for Professionalpoker and two plus two book sale site? He has so
  9. Thanks,More importantly, I was invited to post in the "about the forums thread" the time we (professionalpoker aka Michael Minkoff) were debating about Dutch Boyd. I have the PM's of professionalpoker giving me permission to post. Then, once I was posting things they did not want to hear (it did not reflect views of Malmuth) Malmuth instructed him to delete my posts. This made me look really bad , because the remaining posts did not make sense and seemed out of context. I also have insider information that some of the mods were shilling for FTP before Black Friday and Post BF. This has c
  10. Hello everyone. I was hoping to shed some light on the person that banned DN and also shed some light on NoahSD.Please PM me and move thread it it doesn't deserve it's own. I'm a writer for a small poker blog and was banned without warning for posting in the about the forums section in Two Plus Two. I did have infractions but they did not total 100 and was invited to post in the about forums section by Michael Minkoff aka professionalpoker. For those of you who cannot remember, this is who banned Daniel Negreanu a few weeks ago. The problems started when I posted in the thread that Malm
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