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  1. Honestly, I believe we will soon find out (next couple years) that Mercier is a fluke. he is very good but I don't believe "world Class".
  2. Wow, I'm in but had a real hard time with Groups 1,3,12 !!Group 1: Daniel vs. Elky ??Group 3: Hellmuth vs. Seidel ??Group 12: Annette vs. Bloom ?? (went with Annette wondering if Bloom will crash and burn)
  3. DanielFirst off, I REALLY love the VLogs!During Shooting Star, you were at featured table with headphones literally bustin-a-move in your seat (I got bad video of it if you want).Question: Whats on you music player, some favorite specifics?
  4. Selbst - Do you like her? Circle Yes or NOSomething about Selbst just rubs me wrong. Seems like she mad a twitter post a couple months ago disparaging to you.Do you like her, have issues?LOVE THE VLOGS !!
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