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  1. Trump offering to take the vaccine to convince the 42% who inexplicably don’t want to take it.. a rare good move. One of the first comments was “wasting a dose on a person who has already had it.” Hard to believe there are people out there who can’t see the big picture win. Or, you know, they understand and just hate Trump. I am one of the people who doesn’t necessarily want to immediately take it, but if there’s a way to prove I haven’t had it, I’m probably on board in a few months.
  2. Yeah, I still have another closet I need to figure out how to organize. The stupid flimsy white organizer things are awkwardly placed. I’m one person. I don’t know how this would have worked if there were a girl in the mix. Speaking of that, I paid one of my friends to take pictures of me last weekend. They look fantastic, if a little astroturf, but I don’t have a solution for that with everything being closed. I threw them on my profiles and got an immediate increase in likes/matches. It’s obvious that I should have done this a long time ago. Ex is freed up for a while starting on t
  3. I think I upgraded mine as well. The dual function hardwood or carpet quiet ones. I think I skipped the silver frame upgrade, everything else I opted for. I don’t see the wisdom in spending that much on the base product and not doing the upgrades. I bought a really nice five shelf rack for my closet at Walmart today. 350lb per shelf, perfect height/width/depth for the space, $40 out the door. Oh my god the difference it made for the space. I need to watch Marie Kondo clearly.
  4. We will see how it goes. The HR person is not gonna be happy, nor will my former boss, the CFO. So at the very least there will be relationship damage, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do here, with them being so invested in keeping me down at the lower rank. The HR person is also the same one who repeatedly threw up roadblocks to me taking my old office back. It’s just so petty. I am relieved with the outcome but tired of having to fight.
  5. My Mirra is fantastic. No regrets whatsoever. HR pushed back on the job listing for my new direct report. Said, because she would no longer have direct reports, she should be downgraded to a lower bonus target. I said basically, I'd like to avoid building in any caveats to this job offer, if we can. The HR director then explains to me, "well, some people in the organization are actually at a higher bonus level than they otherwise would be, just based on the projects they do for the organization. So I think we can work around it." In other words, a direct reference to me and my situa
  6. Serious girlfriend, I like the sound of that. I need one of those.
  7. Yeah, the experience would be super good. I have been a lot more direct about what leadership experience I’m not getting, the promotion I have felt I should get for several years, etc. so it isn’t some surprising development if/when I put in my notice. Same line I’ve used in the past: if I am going to be a grunt, I can get that sort of job at any firm, so why wouldn’t I go be a grunt in KC? We will see how it all goes.
  8. I forgot to mention. I’m launching a new business line for my firm, as the operations lead on it. A much, much bigger firm in KC is doing the same thing, and their recruiter called me to talk about putting me in that same seat for them. I don’t think it’s hugely likely to happen, but if it materializes into something, it would be really hard to pass on it. They just have a much bigger footprint and sales team, so my volume would be insane. Stressful to start, until a team could be built out.
  9. There were a few deals lately on Chipotle, so now I have $80 in gift cards. I’m really exploring the menu. Worked the whole weekend, did great on my diet / exercising, and my place is pretty spotless. I am at about 165-167 now, which is a little above where I’d like to be. I was so close to hitting 160 back in July, when I started dating the girl. I’m re-writing my term policy. Premium is going down almost $400 a year based on my health rating going up. Beautiful. In about two weeks, the girl is done with school, and her kid will be with the grandparents. I am pretty excited abo
  10. I knew I was probably done with the relationship after yesterday, so I left it alone. We watched a movie, the food was good, etc. Broke it off last night. The distance sucks, two hours round trip is extremely limiting. She was super nice, would have continued if not for the distance. I told her this, was very nice about it of course. She’s an Asian girl in decent shape, so she will have other dates lined up immediately, I’m sure. I kind of figure, it has to almost be perfect to justify the length of time that it was going to be long distance (minimum of two years). I’m probably spoil
  11. I picked up the thanksgiving for two from a nice place in town tonight. It all looks amazing. This girl better temper expectations for the next guy. I went as all out as it gets without actually being a good cook.
  12. We had a sesh over lunch today, and she said something like, “can I just text “BC” to you next time?” She is so damn hot. I don’t know what she’s doing.
  13. So, I ended up doing coffee with the new girl, then dinner, and we have plans for thanksgiving. I think it’ll be fun for the day, and I bought a really nice dinner for two, but she lives an hour away, and I am realizing how much that would suck. I’m not going to string her along, just making good on an idea I floated before we met. My ex, the really attractive Asian one, texts me out of the blue late Saturday. Tells me, “hey, just in case you see, I’m turning on Match again, looking for friends now that I’m done being busy for the semester.” I told her, “turn it off, let’s hang out tonigh
  14. Do I have to wear clothes while this nurse watches me?
  15. Do we even know how many people have had it at this point? Is there a sampling method that can accurately capture what percentage has already had it? Is there a test that can account for the decline in antibodies over time (say, if the person had it 6+ months ago)? I ask this because I've seen dramatically different numbers. I really just want to know how much further vaccination needs to take us before life can go back to normal.
  16. Our testing capabilities are just not where they should be, eight months into this. I think the accuracy of our diagnostics are part of why so many people are skeptical about the case numbers. The spike is real, I’m convinced of that. I just see it as a sign of fatigue with restrictions in the face of an ever declining mortality rate. It just goes back to the complete lack of upside for the younger, healthy demographic. I am a little irritated because I had plans with a new girl this weekend, and I’m pretty sure it’s off now that indoor dining is shut down. We were mulling the idea
  17. I don't know if I've posted this here before, I'm sorry if I have. Anyone who has seen what can happen to a coin collection with careless mouth breathing knows that masks are helpful to some degree.
  18. It really is amazing how little thought goes into what most girls do on those apps. Some of them are really smart. The majority just have no self awareness.
  19. Napa, the eharmony story, did you get her number, how did that all work? I understand the temporary nature, but who knows. I am still text buddies with the girl I dated for a few months. I would actually feel great about the experience if I were you. Someone matched with me today and immediately just told me add them on snapchat. Okay buddy.
  20. The way the dems approached the pandemic discussion was hugely detrimental. Biden putting the blood of 220k people on Trump’s hands in one of the debates was one of the key moments for me. I just have a very hard time supporting open attempts at manipulation, whether or not I agree with the actual position. Which is why I was never voting for Trump, either. If people really cared about being fiscally conservative, they would punish the Republican Party in years like these. Their guy pushed out a tax cut without any meaningful reduction in spending. Poll the base, see how many of them ran
  21. If fraud is occurring, I want it exposed and corrected. I think the vast majority of people not directly working in politics want that. So, if it’s a real issue, I expect these people to be following up, devoting resources to fixing these problems, for however long it takes—six months, a year, whatever. If this thing is as widespread as claimed, there will be evidence. I would personally donate to that movement. If it’s a bullshit claim from someone who just can’t accept losing, well, I expect to see no meaningful effort put into it after the dust settles on Biden’s win. But if you go tha
  22. This girl I’ve been talking to, last time I got a text from her was before a weekend trip, Halloween weekend, she was driving 8 hours to see relatives. Texts me today for the first time since then, to say “wow I’ve been busy!” And then doesn’t say anything back to my response. Guess I’ll talk to you in another 10 days...?
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