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  1. That is an absolutely ridiculous statement.
  2. So like, for example, Netflix... $14.75 a month, $177 a year. At a 3% withdrawal rate, you'd need $5,900 to fund that $177 indefinitely (177 / .03). It's more like $6,950 if you include a 15% tax rate, which is the number I'm using. I think it gives some perspective on what a given expense means in the scheme of things. $7k to pay for Netflix forever? Doesn't seem that bad.
  3. I pretty much just went back to a default, globally diversified ETF model, using a few factor products. I held on to a few individual stocks for fun, but mostly just want to let equities do whatever they’re gonna do. I sort of redid the way I’ve been running my personal finances. I have a non-qualified brokerage account with a checkbook and debit card, so I just pointed all the recurring stuff (Netflix, utilities, insurance premiums, whatever) at it, and am building a portfolio balance in line with a 3% withdrawal rate. So, eventually it’ll be self-funding, but it’s gonna be a while. It’s
  4. I am just glad that no conversation was necessary. She seems like a catch for sure, and having the connection through my former boss is super helpful. But yeah I am quick to weed people out nowadays.
  5. She’s the real deal. We are going to hang out again sometime. I am pretty pumped.
  6. I have fallen off the wagon a little lately, but overall it has served its purpose very effectively. I really like it. My calorie burn has inched up to a place where a 30 minute workout in the mornings is good for the day.
  7. I think her teeth are actually fine. I did a call with her tonight and it appears the lighting in her photos was tricky. We started talking about her neighborhood, the baller one I want to live in, come to find out she lives next door to my former boss. So that’s something.
  8. There is no casual way to go about it. If it bothers you, you have to address it. Dealing with something like that for 40+ years isn’t a thing.
  9. Girl I’m talking to has bad dental hygiene. Incredibly easy fix, but we are early in the process, so I don’t know how to go about it. She’s really into me, so I don’t think she’d break it off if I broach it correctly. I don’t see any way around just being direct. “I’m concerned about your dental health. Is it okay if we talk about this?” She’s super ideal otherwise, but for whatever reason, just does not care about her teeth and probably hasn’t seen a dentist in years. Opinions welcome.
  10. Talking to a new girl, an actuary. Did a video chat with her last night and clicked nicely. Super nice, great communication, but doesn’t want to do dinner due to covid. I figure it’ll be fine once she gets the vaccine, maybe six months or something. The girl at work from a few months ago, she kinda complains to me about dating these days. She has had dinner with a professor guy twice, and he starts pressing to meet up again outside of a dinner setting. She complains to me about it. I’m like, you have said to me that you’re not going to sleep with him, but you keep letting him buy din
  11. The trend is pretty obviously in the direction of finding more cost-effective alternatives, which is great. When they’re here, there’s not going to be much of an argument domestically. India might be willing to make commitments when the time comes. Who knows. China’s invested a bunch in carbon energy infrastructure, which they will not simply shutter upon request. They might enter into a climate accord and do us the kindness of lying about their numbers. Bottom line, China’s doing what the rest of us do, which is exactly whatever suits our perceived interests today. Get the tech
  12. I think the first round of lockdowns were effective for like a month. Since then, fatigue has kind of set in, with progressively more people ignoring guidance. If it truly had the case fatality rate used in the imperial college model, I think lockdowns would have been more effective. I know of one person at work, 40s and extremely unhealthy lifestyle, that has struggled with covid for weeks. I think he’ll be OK. I also know that one of my coworkers’ grandparents, age 80+, died of it. So, at least in my personal observations, of having watched a bunch of people around me getting it ov
  13. Seems good. Just be in shape and you trounce the majority of guys.
  14. You should definitely text her if you haven’t already. Getting the number is a bigger step than video.
  15. I finally tried out Tinder. What an unreal cesspool. Talking to one girl... she is a long shot to get to the video chat. Having done all the main big sites, I think Hinge is where it’s at for guys, because you can send a message (and other guys rarely do).
  16. Overall, it’s fun, and nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be. I’m sure my experience would be way different if I were swiping more liberally.
  17. Some of them are just super dumb. Like, the one Saturday, pushed back the call a few times to watch a movie with her sister (why would you tell me that?), to where we finally ended up starting at 10:40. I get on the call and she’s sitting up in bed, obviously fading. We go for about 30 minutes and sign off, with her not really putting any effort into the conversation. Obviously she was never into it, so I don’t know why she agreed to do the call in the first place. There was no additional info gained between the time we set it up, and when she started throwing signs of disinterest - which
  18. I usually don't let the chatting go for more than 5-6 messages before trying to set up a video call. I only see downside in letting the chatting go longer, because eventually she's gonna lose interest. I don't think the ask is ever unwelcome, as long as it's not pressuring or anything, because you know she's interested (otherwise there never would have been an initial response from her). I usually just have a bourbon or whatever before, and then a drink during, and the conversation sort of takes care of itself. I re-read the profile and come up with stuff to seed the discussion, which
  19. She had done this ghosting periodically when we were breaking up before, then I’d get a random text a week later, we’d hook up, and off we go again. I feel way better about it all now that it’s official and done. I have yet to ghost anyone, don’t see the scenario where I would. This girl at work was telling me, she matched with a guy, had a call set up, and compared notes with her friend. Finds out that her friend had done a call with the guy, had a date set, and he stood her up and completely ghosted without warning. So she connected the dots for him as to why you shouldn’t do that.
  20. Update on parents Brv? Ex ghosted me pretty hard after her break started. I finally just called and asked if she was okay. She texts back, “I don’t think we can just be friends.” So that’s done. I blocked and deleted everything to avoid being tempted the next time she reaches out. Had a good date last night at a nice steakhouse. Somehow we spent $220. Conversation was good, she’s nice, and I think she’s cute. We are going to do something at her place next weekend. Doing a video call with another girl tonight. Chiropractor, very cute. I just put up a new TV and I’m gonna say some
  21. For some reason, I was assuming the queso at chipotle was way more calories than I should be eating. Turns out it’s like identical to the shredded cheese. And oh my god is it worth the upgrade cost.
  22. I’m going to get the vaccine, and I’m going to fly to all the places, and do all the stuff. Talking to a few girls right now, one of which is very cute and wants to do dinner soon. Surprisingly haven’t heard from the ex, not sure what’s going on there, but it doesn’t seem like that is going to be continuing for much longer anyway, since I’m not gonna be with two girls at once. The new photos just made everything dramatically easier. I’m more confident of course, but they are of me in good clothes, and in surroundings showing that I have a good standard of living. Had a ton of success
  23. Dems should absolutely be in support of the symbolic move by Trump, and they're not, because he's Trump. And that's why he's an atrocious leader. His style works when he signs everyone's paycheck. Doesn't work as CEO of a political system with a few remaining checks and balances.
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