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  1. Big game today. Paul Pierce's last visit to the (new) Garden.
  2. Arrival was decent. Was expecting a little more, but the performances are good. Plot just drags a bit, and never really reaches full speed.
  3. Adult humans are not made to drink milk.
  4. I mostly don't understand how a sane, rational person approves of silencing publicly funded agencies that are doing research. What is the (non-Trump-silencing-media-agenda) benefit?
  5. Also, man, this ****ing Trump stuff is killing me. These executive orders are insane.
  6. I'm at a real crossroads here. I've pretty much given up football. But man, those two Giants' losses suck, and I can't help but want Tommy and Bill to just be on their own pedestal for all arguments, forever. I had the youngest baptized on Saturday, and the SIL/BIL flew in from LA. Plan was to go out to eat on Sunday, so my wife made a reservation for 6:30, the same time as the Pat's kickoff. The restaurant is usually busy at worst, if not packed. I think there was one other party, maybe two, there. Was nice to bang out a quick meal with a personalized waitress. Should be a good game
  7. I wouldn't think too much of it Napa. You're just not as superficial as ole brvy.
  8. Are we sure all this pizza love shouldn't be in the hot take thread?
  9. Sneaky Pete is a really good show. Not great, but probably would be in my top 10 for 2017. Lotta Justified personnel. Ribisi reprising his Boilerroom persona. It's good stuff.
  10. I'm in for Tilt the pill dealer.
  11. As a person who loves all things AIDS, this week was a real treat. Related: this was a thing that happened for me on twitter: Scott Golder ‏ @ sgolder06 a belated happy World AIDS day to all. 8:47 AM - 13 Dec 2016 LIVEAWEAR ‏ @ LIVEAWEAR 14 Dec 2016 @sgolder06 We love your sentiment! Is AIDS an important cause to you? 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes
  12. I pay $700 a month. Town picks up half, so the $1500 doesn't sound off.
  13. Got my boss the Chromecast/HBOGo think for Xmas, how does the HBO free 3months work? He said he didn't see anything.
  14. You think you'll ever have a desire to watch Hateful 8 again?
  15. You sure you weren't sitting waaaay over on the right?
  16. It's probably classy, but I don't think it holds multiple viewing angles well. So that probably doesn't effect SA as much. Napa, RTJ is on spotify/apple as well, incase the site isn't fixed by morning.
  17. RTJ3 just released, mother fuckers. Immediately crashed their site, so you can't really get it yet, but that's a merry fucking Christmas, indeed.
  18. They're not good yet. I'm trying to monitor what's going on. Best hope is still waffles with a redesign.
  19. This is old news, man. Supposedly waffles is rebuilding the right way, but we'll see. I've hopped on a few newer sites, but they suck so far. And there's the weird problem of everyone having lots of stuff to upload, but no one needs to download it, so lots of the ratio stuff is going to be wack. Hopefully someone takes the mantle and runs with it in the next few months.
  20. Buddy won this in a raffle, got to try it tonight: https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2016/11/whistlepig-boss-hog-the-independent-review.html (won as in won the right to spend $400 on a bourbon basket with Buffalo Trace & Jefferson's + this) It's ****in good.
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