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  1. Ah to be young, unmarried, and not have just cashed out the majority of my bankroll when the port security act hit.I'd so love to do this but I know i currently have neither the bankroll, nor the time. Bleh. :)Regardless, its a fantastic opportunity. Mad props to Steve for putting so much time into this. My hat's off to you!Ray

  2. baaah, was it the ortiz fight?? I thought it was end of december?st pierre is my hero though! sorry to the hughes fans, he pwned him
    Nope, it was a Non-pay per view Fight Night on Spike. Some Diego Sanchez, Some Nick Diaz, Some Joe Riggs.... Good stuff.Ray
  3. down 100 at 2/4 isnt bad, but i agree, for 60 some hands, YSAP
    Its the 0% Showdowns Won that tilted me off. Every hand got broken off. I took a break, then played some more and dropped another 40. Then I decided to call it a night.Watching the UFC fights was more fun anyways. :)Ray
  4. I'd like to say i'm still running bad the last 3 days.phucking gheyly too. i mean, dont get me wrong, i love donks, but god., i'l be happy if my 80% (4-1) favs would at least hold up 51% of the time, right now its like rolling dice. SFG
    Allow me to show you "running bad." This is my short session last night.doesnotgetworse.jpgDid you have any hands stand up? Even just one?Then you're running better than me right now.Ray
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