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  1. So I coughed up the the 16K in FPPs an eternity ago. I cant even remember its been so long. No sign of any jersey.
  2. ..and still havent heard anything from support. I emailed support with the name and number I would like on my jersey but they have never responded. Maybe FCP Info can help.
  3. I called em up yesterday and asked for some hand histories that werent downloaded properly to my hard drive and the dude said he would be right on it. My chat was also not working and I asked them about it and the same guy said hed take care of it. Havent heard a peep since. Kinda disappointing.
  4. I just wanted to say that. So that matters because????
  5. that woulda been sweet. since hes a christian and all.
  6. Maybe one of the FCP guys can help me here. I got a message on wed from the FCP manager saying that I had $200 in bonus money deposited in my account. So, of course I deposit and play prob around 1,000 hands of $5-$10 in order to clear some of this bonus. Paid a bunch in rake and now I check today and apparently only $8?! in bonus money cleared? That doesnt sound right. Can anyone help?
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