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  1. Show me where I did.You assumed cheaters were the minority, all I said was that I don't believe they are. I never came close to making a personal claim about you (as you did).
  2. Not really.If I were really upset I would be a lot more upset by the obvious insulting tone.Also the "FACTFACT" is a literary device.Open up your range of starting hands please.
  3. Then you haven't been listening.I have been faithful in relationships. I have also been unfaithful. I don't think I am in the minority when I say this.If I take the relationship very seriously and have respect for the other person in it, I am not going to be nearly as likely to cheat.But from now on I will let you tell me what I do/do not do.
  4. You know nothing about me.Including if I am trustworthy or not.
  5. True.It's probably more like 80
  6. Sure we cna "just discuss" it.But if you think I for one second will engage in a "discussion" where I am being patronized, you are mistaken.
  7. Replace evidence with hearsay.Do you want to play the word game?No one is perfect and you completely understood my point without being a jerk about it.
  8. By the way, I am not just making **** up. If this were all hot air, I would say so.I am just playing devil's advocate. No one take offense.
  9. That's fine then.But I can name 10 women right now who would put their life savings on the fact that their husband/significant other does and would not cheat when the opposite is true.
  10. lol @ sweeping generlizationsin an argument, you support a side by bringing forth evidence of what you know to be true.if over the years guys had been telling me (on a general scale) that their future intentions are never in play during "the moment", then I would be singing a different hymn.But its not the case.I am just telling the truth about what is said in 95% of all-male conversation when this comes up.
  11. That is not just me.If it were my claim, I would say the #s are higher.There was a study on cheating done, I forget the name of it but will find it.Anyway millions of people were anonymously polled, and the % of men who have or would cheat was 70%.I learned that in a Sociology class ;)so there~!
  12. If the other guys here won't own up to it now, I can speak for myself and hundreds of guys I have spoken to over the years.Generally, if a guy ****s you on the first date without already knowing you pretty well, he has no interest in taking you seriously.
  13. I am familiar with you which makes it different
  14. 70% of guys in relationships do or will cheat.FACTFACTFACTFACT
  15. Doubtful.I am irresistable ;)By the way, I understand that might be the case.I am just saying, if a girl is ****ing me on Night 1, I'm always going to be suspicious if we do end up in a relationship.
  16. I will tell you right now.Not many guys are turning down sex at any point.But for the girls I have really respected and really wanted to pursue I have resisted making that move on the first date.I know lots of guys who say the same thing
  17. OK lets change my hypothesis, I was rash.A woman who will sleep with you the first time you meet her is more likely to cheat than one who won't.
  18. Yes you were, don't be afraid to take on these women!Maybe I am on my own with this one.I thought it would make for an interesting convo but it might end up being me vs the worldBy the way, in situations I have slept with a girl on the first date, I have NEVER taken that girl seriously enough to be very close to.
  19. So far the women say myth and the guy says fact.Interesting...I say factBTW, I don't think can can be applied to every case.But I think it is a good generelization stereotype and I stand by it!
  20. Fact or Myth?If a woman will sleep with you on the first date, she is likely to cheat.
  21. Tied for first in the office pool13 out of 16.And I switched to Syracuse at the last second. I knew I shooulda taken A&M.
  22. ThundrPerfctMind: lets play beer chugThundrPerfctMind: loser takes off an article of clothingrenaeonaim: i dont have any beerrenaeonaim: i'd have to play with vodkaRenae wins the good sport of the year award.
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