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  1. Can we continue talking about 24? I was in Rome on a cruise and saw Dennis Haysbert in a market. I went up to him and addressed him, "Mr. President." He started laughing and said most people didn't know what 24 was over there.

  2. I can't find any parallel to this guy's conservative thoughts, it's extremely radical. The closest analogy I can think of brings Howard Dean to mind. So lets put this together, Howard Dean is to radical Liberal as Beck is to radical conservative? Close, no cigar though. We need to figure out a more conservative party name, he belongs there. Perhaps his symbol could be a monkey.

  3. this season seems to be a great one, i'm totally excited. the first couple minutes of the first episode had me to the point of tears. great way to start the season, but an unfortunate kill count....i'm at 3.

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