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  1. Pokerstars is now unable to log on... Error Message:Unknown Connection Type.
  2. Yeah... it's a strange day at Pokerstars today. Looks like they had to do a second reboot. Did you get a % value of your chip stack?
  3. Oops guess it's 2011. Too much poker today on my part?
  4. Does anyone know, what is going on with Pokerstars today? Was in the big $109 today, and they paused tourny due to server problems, and they payed us by Chip percentage. Sure, I am ok with the $827. Just seems strange. My online name at stars is Igotgas.What happened, when U.S. players were in middle of tournaments when Government shut them down?
  5. Thanks...I did not know there was a football forum... Sorry for the thread in wrong forum.
  6. I am currently in one Fantasy Football League, and would like to enter a 2nd league.Is anyone out there interested in getting into a 10 person league using a 2 QB system, 2 RB's, 3 WR's, TE, Kicker, LB, DL, CB, and a Team Defense.Any suggestions on how to run it, hold a draft, and if there is an entry fee of $100 or $200 how to collect funds and distribute at the end of the season.?
  7. Who cares, you just got a few million bucks what is an extra few bucks. I bet Jerry Yang didn't get as much as people think he may have.
  8. Because of the legal agreement, that guy would have to pay basically an IOU, and could collect the money. Have a supena ready for anyone who might consider trying to back out.I am not a lawyer, but a lawyer can do anything and make it iron clad.
  9. It very quite simple.... Just get a lawyer to draw up the deal privately, and play the dam game next week. I know I would. The deal, would become effective on commencement of the final hand, or the following day. No one would be the wiser.Or you could use this idea move up the Final play date.
  10. It would be a private game with their own rules. It could be done in the bahamas, or anywhere. Everyone what people do on their own time or future earnings is up to them.. It is a free counrty.
  11. The nine players get together, sign a legal agreement privately and play the final table privately next week.Then in November they all fly to Vegas for free, have a reunion, maybe make a few sponsorship deals. Sit down at the final table and go all in on the first hand.Talk about letting the air out....They collect the money, divvy it up, and go have supper.I know if it was me at the final table, it would drive me nuts having to wait until November to find out the results.I just posted this and the thread seems to have disappeared. Why?
  12. Yep... I just posted a thread about it and it got taken down.
  13. The nine players get together, sing a legal agreement privately and play the final table privately next week. What ever the out come is, that is how the pay structure will be.Then in November, they all get a free trip to Vegas for a reunion, maybe make some sponsor deals, and then go all in on the first hand. Talk about letting the air out.... Collect the money, and go have supper.Why wait until November, that would drive me nuts!!
  14. They are suppose to get some interest on their money. Probably the going 90 day T-Bill rate. Which is basically nothing.
  15. Even better idea. All nine players get together, sign a legal agreement and play the final table privately next week. Then they all go back to Vegas for a free trip, everyone goes all in on the first hand and collects their money.
  16. Chino likes the thrill of living on the edge? Well, he did go from almost out today, to third place, with some luck. I think he hit a gutter to take a pot, or am I wrong. I didn't feel like looking it up.
  17. Alright, lets have some fun between now and November. Who is the most likely candidate to blow through their $900,000 that the players are suppose to get today. I know a guy, who won $500,000 in a big tournament in Vegas and blew it all that night playing bacarat at the Bellagio, then locked himself in his room for 5 days. Vegas does funny things to people, they can now go out and get drunk. The pressure is of for now. Oh wait, guess where they are? What silly things people do when in Vegas?Also, which player do you think, will believe that their poker skills are top level now, and that
  18. XXEddie and rOllin_game... you guys have a good game?
  19. With the prize pool being so top heavy, if they split the money, and got the tournement over with today. You could have the following situations:If they Chopped it at 18, each person would get $2,044,297If they Chop at 10, before they have to wait 4 months until November to play again they would each get $3,222,531If they Chop at 9, each person would get $3,514,827
  20. With the prize pool being so top heavy, it would be funny if they had split the money, and got the tournement over with today.If They Chopped It at 27 people Amidst all the hype and anticipation of today's play, as well as the possible historical ramifications, we can't help but bring you another edition of If They Chopped It? If each of the 27 remaining players were to walk away with an even cut of the remaining prize pool, each would take home an impressive $1,448,825. That is just slightly better than 8th place money.If they Chopped it at 18each person would get $2,044,297If they Chop at 9E
  21. He should not have gotten the penalty anyways. The infraction happened after play had stopped. It is fair game then, maybe they should have taken it out to the parking lot. It is not like he could put the guy on tilt, and have him lose his money the next hand. They were done for the day.If play was still going on, then fine him, but play had commenced for the day.
  22. Connect all the dot's using only 4 lines? . . . . . . . . .Oh, by the way it can be done.
  23. Ahh, even better. When they get down to 10 People... 2 tables. They all threaten to make a deal to split money, and go all in and have a heads up final table. There is great ratings.
  24. Are you kidding me? Daniel was in on this decision? No, way....!! He must have lost a prop bet with some of his buddy's. The bet had to be who ever loses this bet has to suggest something ridiculous... uhh, lets see. Ah, I got it!! Who ever loses, has to suggest they push the WSOP main event final table to November, put up $100,000 and lick Mikes Balls. Guess Lindgren, didn't lose.Sorry Danny, must have been a crapy day. Someone must have lost another bet. Did it go something like this? Who ever loses this bet has to support Daniel, post $100,000 and lick Mikes Balls too.
  25. First of all I will start off asking what the hell were they thinking about having the final table 4 months from now?! Wow, that has to suck, you make it to the final table, and have to wait that long to play again. Anyhow, this is my question. What if for some strange coincidence someone or maybe even two people or more happened to be in a horrific accident while they leave Las Vegas and can't return to play the final table? Or even worse, someone gets killed. What are they going to do then, and how would the organizers feel about that? Or even worse, they all decide to come to Vegas on the s
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