FCP Podcast Episode 19 – Super High Roller Bowl and WSOP Freeroll

FCP WSOP Fantasy Pool, Enter Now!!!

Eric Wasserson is back and we discuss

Vegas Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup Final(0:45)

Insiders from PokerGo(7:15)

We breakdown a Super High Roller Bowl fantasy draft(8:00)

Outline my WSOP Freeroll and give our thoughts on each category(45:45)

Freeroll Prizes(1:17:00)

2018 WSOP Vlog schedule(1:21:00)

Eric Wasserson joins me as we discuss the recent action in Bobby’s Room(0:40)
Doyle’s Twitter game (3:10)
We breakdown a hand from and discuss the US Poker Open(5:00)
The Mike Leah Drama(22:50)
Rocky and Apollo make an appearance(35:15)
The American Poker Awards(36:00)
Poker Journalist of the Year(40:15)
My Thoughts on Rake(40:40)
Industry Person of the Year(44:10)
Breakout Player of the Year(47:30)
Tournament Performance of the Year(49:10)
Mid-Circuit of the Year(50:05)
Event of the Year(50:30)
Poker Moment of the Year(53:45)
Poker Media Content of the Year(54:50)
Poker Streamer of the Year(56:30)
Broadcaster of the Year(58:40)
Video Blogger of the Year(1:00:30)
Podcast of the Year(1:03:15)
Poker’s Biggest Influencer(1:06:55)
A few Charity Tournaments I’m involved with(1:13:50)
A few thoughts on Richard Seymour(1:14:45)

In this episode I recap my trip to the PCA and go over my results(0:30). I discuss a couple of online cash sessions and seat scripting(18:25). I talk a little Golden Knights hockey and why they’re having success(46:45). I give my take on Crypto(53:10) and finally I go over my poker study from the last few months and how it’s changed my game(56:40).

Girls, Golf, and GTO…In this episode I talk about a very interesting 11 month relationship I was in(2:20). I go over some golf gambling stories with Christian and discuss my result from the MSOP(21:50). I also discuss my recent poker study and my journey to GTO(47:35). Finally, I give my thoughts on Phil Hellmuth’s recent tweet and picture with Chris Ferguson(1:08:30).

In this podcast I discuss some of the many angle shots I’ve seen in the past 20 years. We also cover the Poker Masters, PokerStars changes, and my keynote speech in Indy.

TCC Keynote Speech – 0:33
Patrick Leonard Hand – 4:00
Alec Torelli Hand – 7:35
Ron Rose vs Amarillo Slim Hand – 11:50
Puggy Pearson – 15:10
Shaun Deeb Examples – 15:55
Me vs Zugwat – 23:09
Leon Tsoukernik – 26:00
PokerStars Changes – 28:55
Poker Masters – 35:48
Poker After Dark Hand – 40:10
My Speech in Indy and PokerStars – 42:00
Power Up Poker – 49:35

In this episode Daniel talks to four expert mental game coaches about the importance of working on your mental game.

Guests include:
Jared Tendler(22:20) jaredtendlerpoker.com/
Tommy Angelo(58:40) www.tommyangelo.com/ Use discount code Fullcontact for $5 off
Elliot Roe(1:25:30) www.pokermindcoach.com/
Robyn Williams(1:57:15) www.choicecenter.com/default.asp


In this episode Daniel answers the question: who is the best? He’s also joined by Remko Rinkema to talk about how he got into poker media, his new gig at Poker Central, and his takes on how to grow the game.

Follow Remko on twitter at https://twitter.com/RemkoRinkema
Poker Central on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PokerCentral

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In this solo episode I discuss the American Poker Awards(1:45), breakdown my youtube channel and give my take on GSN asking for videos featuring their content to be taken down(19:05). I go over a hand I played in a recent Aria $25k against David Peters(23:40). I talk about PokerStars upcoming game, Power Up Poker, and dissect some of the different cards(27:30). Finally, I breakdown an interesting listener tournament hand(41:05).

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In this episode I’m joined by three great poker minds to review and discuss some hands I recently played in the $25,000 High Roller Aria tournaments. Jake Cody talks about the poker games in Macau, Jonathan Little reviews his coaching business, and Timex tells me about his new venture Poker Shares. I also review a hand submitted by listener Peter Smith.




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In this episode I talk with High Stakes Professional Nick Schulman. We discuss Nick dropping out of school at 15 and how he went from home games to the biggest games in the world. Hear how he almost didn’t play the WPT event at Foxwoods that really put Nick on the poker map. Nick talks about his depression and how that contributed to him going broke. Nick is still actively playing in the Big Game in Bobby’s Room and describes his experience in that game.

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