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Bayside Over Viva La Jopke

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Posted 30 April 2006 - 12:34 PM

Winning Team: BaysideLosing Team: Viva La JopkeWinning Player: GoStags920Losing Player: WKTSWAYTotal time: 15 minutesThe first 5-6 hands started out with us swapping blinds. Nothing too exciting. In fact, there was quite a few back and forth hands. The biggest pot in the first 20 hands was $250, where GoStags92 called down an attempted steal with Ace high and a pair of 4's on the board. After that, GoStags92 just got hit in the head with the deck and was hitting flops, and more importantly, turn cards. From there GoStags slowly chipped away. WKTSWAY just wasn't getting the cards to call bets. That can deinitely make it tough when you try and lead out with little and your oponent has made hands.The final hand GoStags92 was on the button with 107o. WKTSWAY held Q4o. The flop came down 10 Q 7 rainbow. All the money went in on the flop, and WKTSWAY didn't improve.It was a fun match and WKTSWAY played well.
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