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The Czars Over Team Ramrod

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Posted 25 June 2006 - 12:43 PM

Winning Team - The CzarsLosing Team - Team Ramrodwinning player - Czario0Losing Player - Gary212121Time of the match - 43 MinutesGary started out winning a big raised pot and had me down to around 400, but I was able to come back and eventually take a small chip lead. My biggest pot is posted below:Seat 1: Gary212121 ($1,490 in chips) Seat 2: Czario0 ($1,510 in chips) ANTES/BLINDSGary212121 posts blind ($15), Czario0 posts blind ($30).PRE-FLOPGary212121 bets $45, Czario0 calls $30.FLOP [board cards 6D,10S,6S ]Czario0 checks, Gary212121 bets $60, Czario0 calls $60.TURN [board cards 6D,10S,6S,5C ]Czario0 checks, Gary212121 bets $160, Czario0 bets $320, Gary212121 calls $160.RIVER [board cards 6D,10S,6S,5C,9H ]Czario0 bets $350, Gary212121 calls $350.SHOWDOWNCzario0 shows [ 7D,6C ]Gary212121 mucks cards [ 9C,10C ]Czario0 wins $1,580. Finally after Gary making several moves to come back the final hand came up. Gary had 525 chips. Blinds at 25/50. I raise 150 preflop with KT. He moves in on me and I had to call. He showed As6s and was around a 60% favorite. Blanks on flop and turn, but a king came on the river. After 43 minutes it ended on a river card. Good game Gary and good luck the rest of the way.
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