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great hand that just happened.

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Hand #4938936-10233 at Madras ($.25/$.50 Hold'em)Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 25/Mar/05 16:06:41 therejustis is at seat 0 with $26.40. cjames18 is at seat 1 with $28.50. PTjob is at seat 2 with $52.30. robbie777 is at seat 3 with $14.30. HoldemFish is at seat 4 with $26.45. ufseanz is at seat 5 with $16.15 (sitting out). Trono is at seat 6 with $25.20. Your Ad Here is at seat 7 with $66.75. 3tugo is at seat 8 with $17.60. Health3 is at seat 9 with $25. The button is at seat 7. 3tugo posts the small blind of $.10. Health3 posts the big blind of $.25. therejustis: -- -- cjames18: -- -- PTjob: -- -- robbie777: -- -- HoldemFish: -- -- Trono: 8d Ad Your Ad Here: -- -- 3tugo: -- -- Health3: -- --Pre-flop: therejustis calls. cjames18 raises to $.50. PTjob folds. robbie777 folds. HoldemFish folds. Trono calls. Your Ad Here re-raises to $.75. 3tugo calls. Health3 folds. therejustis re-raises to $1. cjames18 calls. Trono calls. Your Ad Here calls. 3tugo calls. Flop (board: 9d 6c 7d): 3tugo checks. therejustis bets $.25. cjames18 calls. Trono calls. Your Ad Here calls. 3tugo calls. Turn (board: 9d 6c 7d 5h): 3tugo checks. therejustis bets $.50. cjames18 raises to $1. Trono calls. Your Ad Here calls. 3tugo folds. therejustis calls. River (board: 9d 6c 7d 5h Jd): therejustis checks. cjames18 bets $.50. Trono raises to $1. Your Ad Here folds. therejustis folds. cjames18 re-raises to $1.50. Trono re-raises to $2. cjames18 calls. Showdown: Trono shows 8d Ad. Trono has 8d Ad 9d 7d Jd: flush, ace high. cjames18 mucks cards. (cjames18 has Qs Qd.) Hand #4938936-10233 Summary: $.50 is raked from a pot of $14.50. Trono wins $14 with flush, ace high.----------------------------------------------------------------

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