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I've posted numerous times about how most people lose in low limit loose games because they are weak tight.... I also hear a lot of people saying if I was in a better game I wouldn't lose so much. Lets take an example of "good playing"You get: A :D A :D Player A: 7 :) 8 :D PLayer B: 9 :) 2 :) Player C: 8 :) 8 :) you Raiseplayer A foldPlayer B foldPlayer C callFlopK :D 6 :) 10 :club: You betplayer folds.Wow lots of action thereyou win blinds (assuming blinds folded to your raise) and two bets from your opponents.You may take more pots down, however your profit is VERY VERY low. Drawing at hands will kill you since no one else is, therefore you can't profit off them.If you have read ANY book most notably The Theory of Poker, you learn that you make money off people making MISTAKES! not correct plays. So thats fine if you would rather play in a game where people don't make mistakes, you will not profit in the long run.Which brings me to loose online games. You are going to get bad beats. read that line again. You must always raise your good hands, you must be aggressive. But also know when to switch gears! Also people who lose in these online games get frustrated and start to play hands out of position, cold calling two raises with marginal hands, just because they see everyone else doing it. I've heard the argument ohhh I don't do that I play AA and get beat. Well thats true, it will happen, you will also win with AA. Wether you lose AA to a runner runner or trips on the flop, it doesn't hold up all the time. Your pair is also NOT a good hand to play with more than 4 people. There are usually more than four people in each hand at these low limit games..I suspect, as always , you are either a weak tight player, or do not know the value of the cards you are playing.....

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