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pros turning it up a notch?

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From Cardplayer:560th - Frederick Brown 559th - Martin Laliberte 558th - David Anderson 557th - Sergey Khromov 556th - Robert John Kacher 555th - Donald Delancy 554th - Nadav Ravid 553rd - Robert Gentile 552nd - Andre Fridll 551st - Duc Nguyen 550th - William Bostley 549th - Larry McFehee 548th - Jalae Henson 547th - Nicholas Matala 546th - David Taylor 545th - Oliver Monteaux 544th - Young Phan 543rd - Thomas Stanek 542nd - Sarne Lightman 541st - Lee Ford 540th - John Bae 539th - James Courtney 538th - Vincent Favorito 537th - Daniel Piccoli 536th - Troy Wallace 535th - Chris Bane 534th - Martin Foth 533rd - Kevin Betsill 532nd - Yan Neiman 531st - John Ward 530th - Robert Atkinson 529th - Scott Clements 528th - William Beasley 527th - David Rubin 526th - Charles Wey 525th - Mike Lawrence 524th - Steven Goldberg 523rd - Austin Moody 521st - Elton Beebe 520th - Andrew Prock 519th - Bill Phipps 518th - Guy Calvert 517th - Ken Justin 516th - Matthew Kagan 515th - Reagan Silber 514th - William Flachsbart 513th - Bruce Hardman 512th - Jordan Marinov 511th - Young KaneNot many big names on the list, think the pro/am percentage is tilting? BTW is Kiril Gerasimov out?

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Not many big names on the list, think the pro/am percentage is tilting? Just that pros are lot more likely to bust out befor the bubble because the 10 grand isn't that much of an issue. Sat winners are more likely to cling to a short stack because making the money at all is a huge win for most of then.

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