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keeping track of sessions...careful

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Although it may not seem like an important aspect of your poker play, keeping accurate tabulations of each of your sessions may serve to be one of the most important things you do as a poker player.In September I started using www.pokercharts.com but when they started charging, I took out all my data and inputted it into an excel sheet. I love my excel sheet with it's pretty graphs and equations...Without inputting data, i probably would never have known when I needed to work on my game. I might have attributed my significant loses at one time to variability, but with accurate data sessions, i realized that I was playing at the wrong times in not favorable situations that would make me lose focus. Knowing where you're at, your profits, your BB/hr, your history is invaluable information. I highly suggest everyone keep track of each and every one of your sessions with as much information as possible.but be careful! It's very tempting to 'forget' a loss where you knew you weren't focusing. You knew you blew all your money and tilted, and weren't playing anywhere near your game, so you choose to not include it. this is horible for your stats and can give you the wrong perception of your play. You have to input every single session you play so you can accurately analyze your playing ability and your ability to make a profit.I'm more writing this post for my own good than yours :-)

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