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So if you read my other post http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...ghlight=#144290, you'll know that this summer i'm taking a break from on-line poker to seriously reanalyze my game. I can't completely take a break from ALL poker, so i'm still playing live.I'm rereading all my poker books, reading up on articles in pokerpages, looking through my hands in pokertracker and anything else i can think of to improve my game.I originally was going to do it privately, but don't you retain something like 90% of what you read if you teach it to someone else?Therefore i've decided that i'm going to reveal all of what i'm relearning about poker and post it here for everyone to see. It might save some work for some other people to see what concepts are important in the many poker books out there, along with useful articles from pokerpages.I'll be posting my hands from pokertracker into the poker strategy, and if a hand brings enough of a discussion, i'll move it into this thread for everyone to see with the important points in the discussion.Hopefully this will help my game along with everyone else on the forum...but don't expect daily posts...this will be a slow process that will span until the middle of august.enjoy!

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