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Wsop Event #3: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

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Event #3 at the 2013 WSOP is a $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em Re-Entry Tournament that has started.


Since Daniel was knocked out of the $5K early he's entered this event.


Good luck to Daniel and any FCPers such as Mr Sparco who are playing.


Updates at Poker News and Daniel will be doing his usual Twitter thing.







Daniel's Twitter Updates


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 16h

Strategy for $1k tomorrow is late reg after workout and gamble up on my first bullet then re-enter at 5pm if it doesn't pan out.


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 15m

Just bought into this $1000 WSOP event after an awesome workout. Getting ripped what whaaaaat!


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 3m

@dnchips first bullet gone. A6dd vs 86hh board Q854 two diamonds and i missed it. 4 hour break till re-entry.


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 7h

Jumped into the 2nd heat of the $1k NLH event 2.5 hours late after 9 holes and a nap. Gonna run this up to 10k in a hurry or #showers


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 6h

@dnchips in 6 handed we had 2 misdeals and 7 exposed cards. Screwed me guy on button would have 53 got 55 instead and flopped set vs me


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 6h

@dnchips down to 1300 I had top 2 on the hand that wasn't supposed to happen. Lots of new dealers this year!


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 5h

@dnchips end level 4 with a starting stack of 3k for 15bbs


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 5h

@dnchips up to 6k busted Matt Stout with TT vs KJhh


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 3h

@dnchips end level 6 8950 blinds going to 150-300 last two levels of the night


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 3h

@dnchips busted. Guy raised AK guy moved in with KQ I moved in with AQ and the AK called and won for close to a 20k pot. Back at it tomorrow

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Day 1a About to Start!

Posted 2 hours 21 minutes ago tayke2 SHARE


Ashkan Razavi

Hello everyone, and welcome to Day 2 of the 2013 World Series of Poker. Yesterday, the $500 Casino Employee’s Event, and the $5,000 Eight Max kicked off, but today, we have our first buy-in for the low stake grinders, the $1,000 buy-in reentry event!


The WSOP introduce the now popular re-entry format last year in a $1,500 buy-in event. That tournament was won by Canadian Ashkan Razavi for a cool $781,398. Despite the fact that there were a staggering 3,404 total entrants, it was still a stacked final table, including well known pros Greg “FBT” Mueller, Brian Rast, and Amanda Musumeci, who finished runner up in the event.


Play is scheduled to get underway at 11 AM local time. Players will start out with 3,000 in chips, the blinds will be 25-25, and we will be playing eight levels without a dinner break today. If a player busts in the first flight, they can come back and reenter at 5 PM for the Day 1b flight.


Be sure to stay tuned here to Pokernews, as we bring you wall-to-wall coverage of the next WSOP event!

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I've barely survived day 1a, hanging in there with 3.7k chips. Wish me luck, I need a couple of double ups...


Good luck today,

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Scott Seiver Leads the Way After Day 1a

Posted 7 hours 2 minutes ago tayke2 • Level 8: 200-400, 50 ante SHARE


The action got started bright and early today, at least for your average poker player, with Event #3, the $1,000 Re-Entry starting at 11 AM local time. After eight levels of play, we have whittled 1828 players all the way down to 321 players, and at the end of the night, the 1a chip leader is none other then high stakes regular Scott Seiver. He bagged up a big stack of 65,000 in chips, and will be in prime position heading into tomorrow. Following Seiver closely is Eric Hicks, with 63,125.


The action was fast and furious today, with plenty of chips flying early. You could make quite an impressive final table lineup with the players who bowed out early today, including Jason Mercier, Joe Cada, Jonathan Duhamel, David “ODB” Baker, and David Williams.


Some other players who hung around for most of the day before ultimately going bust were Jake Cody, Matt Salsberg, and Lauren Kling. We also lost Phil Ivey in the penultimate level of the day, when his top pair couldn’t fade his opponent’s pair and flush draw combo.


Despite losing all these players, we still have a ton of notables who will be moving on to Day 2. Some of the players on that list are Amanda Baker (47,025), Amanda Musumeci (36,500), Jacob Balsiger, (36,500), Justin Young (34,400), Nam Le (31,500), Carlos Mortenson (18,000), and Michael Phelps (8,825).


The action in Day 1a is done for the night, but play will continue in Day 1b into the late hours of the night. The survivors from that flight will join those who survived today, and from there, they will play another full day of poker tomorrow. As always, Pokernews.com will have all the live coverage for you, so be sure to check out the Day 1b coverage, and goodnight from this section of the Rio!

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Day 1b Concludes with Payne in the Lead

Posted 35 minutes ago Josh_Cahlik • Level 8: 200-400, 25 ante SHARE


The second flight of Event #3: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em is officially in the books. At the end of the night it was Jerry Payne who bagged up the top stack with 99,425 in chips.


This field saw many notable names hit the felt on their quest for WSOP glory. Unfortunately, not all of those players were able to progress onto the second day of play. The likes of Scott Montgomery, Humberto Brenes, JC Tran, Paul Volpe, David "Bakes" Baker, Eugene Katchalov, Lauren Kling, and DJ MacKinnon all hit the rail before play concluded.


While those players faltered, others thrived. A small sample size of those returning tomorrow includes Charles Sylvestre (85,600), Leo Wolpert (45,375), David Singer (27,500), Tony Dunst (26,150), Josh Arieh (25,950), Kyle Cartwright (19,125), Matt Glantz (18,800), and Bryan Devonshire (6,600).


These players will be joined by players to advance from the first flight. Leading Day 1a was high-stakes regular Scott Seiver who bagged up 65,000 to finish the day. Other notable names from the first flight include Amanda Baker (47,025), Amanda Musumeci (36,500), Jacob Balsiger, (36,500), Justin Young (34,400), Nam Le (31,500), Carlos Mortenson (18,000), and Michael Phelps (8,825)


The field will combine with the Day 1a flight tomorrow and play will resume at 1:00 PM local time. Be sure to stay tuned to PokerNews for all of the latest updates as we enter the second day of play!

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Good luck today,


Thanks, Bob. Alas, my run came to an abrupt end. After 6 hands of folding, I pushed A5o UTG+1 for 2900 chips. At blinds of 300-600 and antes of 75, it would have been a trivial call anyway, but to add insult to injury, the big blind woke up with KK.

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