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Negreanu Open Wednesdays At Poker Stars

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Start Brag} Clean Sweep of the Bounties {End BragYou have also received USD 7.00 in Knockout Bounties for this tournament. You won bounties for the following players: armen13, rcgs59, hoodini, QueenBee902, troyomac, potatoman79, Big_M
sick brag, and I tilted out because of my other Ft lol Will get you next Time Bob :)Merge network goes down in a middle of a Ft fml , and this is a WSOP league lol
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You too.enjoy your second place $8
Why do they still pay out in USD?Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... the common currency is from the one country (besides North Korea) not allowed to play.
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