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Stats And Leaks: Study Guide

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As a general comment, I don't think I've done a very good job explaining what I'm after in this thread. First, let's take Rush out of the equation. I just mentioned it because that's what I'm playing at the moment. But we should be able to use our stat databases to study our play regardless of what we're playing. Second, obviously specific decisions will be villain-dependent. But you can identify some basic leaks in your game by looking at general stats. For example, whether I should 3-bet a particular villain will be villain-dependent, but if my stats show that my overall 3-bet% is only 1.15, that probably means I'm not taking advantage of enough opportunities to 3-bet. Or if I discover that I'm playing 14/5 in UTG, that's probably a leak in my game.What I'm after is really how to dig deeper into the millions of stats we have at our disposal to examine our play beyond the surface stuff. For example, in looking through some of my stats including my redline, W$WSF, flop/turn AF, and so on, I've detected that I may be a bit too passive postflop - going into check-call mode too often and probably getting pushed off hands as well. I've only been able to detect that by looking at several related stats. Another example is that my winrate on the Button seems low, since I'm winning more in several other seats. That might indicate a problem in how I'm playing my steals from the Button. So I need to dig deeper. Am I stealing too liberally? Am I running into trouble postflop when my steals get called? I can use some filters to examine my Button steals and look specifically at hands that get called to see how I'm playing them. Again, obviously specific steal decisions should be player-dependent, but I can still use my stats to identify problematic trends in my overall game. In the context of Rush I can simply use a "typical 10NL Rush player" in the absence of a specific read to determine whether I'm misplaying hands against such a player.So what I'd like to discuss is how we can dig deeper into our stats to identify possible flaws in our games.

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Against this type of villain, shouldn't we only be 3-betting for value?
Yes. Against players who open a wide range and call a lot of 3 bets hands like AJ or KQ can be 3 bet for value.
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