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So I was at the Edgewater Casino in Vancouver tonight and there was a couple guys there that knew each other that when they got heads up in a hand would just check it down with a verbal agreement heard by the whole table. I brought this to the floor's attention and they ruled that this was acceptable behaviour. Am i Just being an ******* by pointing out that this isn't cool and bringing it to the floor's attention. Is there anything you can do after the floor rules against you in this case.The example I would give is that there was preflop raising, the flop came out ace high there was a bet and call on the flop between the two people who knew each other and then they agreed to check it down after everyone else folded, with one guy showing KK and the other guy showing Ace small.....

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Ummmm, isn't that EXACTLY why softplaying is NOT allowed? Pre before the flop to build a pot and narrow the field for one person with the friend being willing to check or fold out to give the pot to the other? I can't imagine why the floor let that happen.As for what you can do.... take a table change.

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