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This Moment Is What We All Play For (ben_g)

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After all my years in this poker game, tonight I have finally seen the sickest thing in poker yet to pass me by. Out of all the comebacks I have seen, nothing quite compares to what just happened.Ben_G(blurred1) was the chip leader and floating around top of the leader board all tournament long since the second hand was dealt. but later on was down to blinding in at 600-1200 level with 40+ remaining. He was soon blinded in again all in at the 1500-3000 level. After this, he went on to 3 huge pots in a row, and continued to build his stack. And has now reached the final table in 3/9. First place pays over 3K. roughly three and a half. Would be a nice cash, come rail him on. I'm not going to witness this personal history in the making. SO SICK!Cheers Ben, GL bud.Cody DeanTourney#24590923

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Gross JJ first hand i play at ft run into KK short but still have some to work with!
exact same thing happened to me on tilt when i made the final table (like the only one i ever made)
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