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  1. I need some help trying to figure out a speed/distance word problem. I tried looking up various keywords to get this myself , I was never good at algebra. I have been issued a speeding ticket where the state patrolman said I was going 89mph in a 70mph zone. He was using rear detection and was approx. 700 feet in front of me traveling in the same lane. He was far enough in front of me that you couldn't really tell it was a cop. So basically I need to know either the answer or the equation that gets me my answer to how quick I would of caught up to him doing the speed he cited me doing. That is assuming he is doing 70 and me doing 89. I did get a look at his radar and the digital display showed two numbers , one was 85 and one was 56. I questioned him stating 89 and radar showing 85. He said that's what he locked me in at , but ticket was still 89. I am going to fight this and just want to know if knowing this information will be useful. My recollection of the event has me doing 74 to 76 , with his car being the 700 feet in front of me , and me neither gaining on his vehicle or him pulling away. On a side note , I seen a car pull to the shoulder so then I went to the left lane. Once I got closer I seen that he was Highway Patrol and thought - I wonder what he is doing. He pulled in behind me and started his lights , before I could even kick my signal to pull over ( 5 seconds) he turns his lights off. We ride that way for about a mile and then lights me back up. Once he gets to my car , the first question out of his mouth is - why didn't I pull over when he lit me up the first time. , not that it is important to the question , it just seemed weird.

  2. I had to go back and watch the archive video to see the win. Congrats to you Daniel, I am proud of you and proud to be a long time member of your forum. I am glad to see the evolution of your character over the last ten years. Its good to win the money but I think your life goals are more of what you are after now. Good job man. If your new lady friend is going to stick around then I wish you guys the best in life. .... when you get home , take your dog for a walk.

  3. Cobalt , I play on Bovada , usually I am player 74. Maybe you have seen me. I play $5 - $50 tourneys , .25/50 nlhe and the 50nl zoom. I also throw in on a $10 Double up turbo. My question is on the double up turbo. If only the last three get paid , how would it go down if everyone went all in on first hand and one guy beat the other five. How would they determine the last three to be paid?

  4. My first bad beat happened in 2001. Sometime in the middle of August the APA tournament was going on and I had won a trip to compete. I had not heard of the WSOP or texas holdem at this time. I knew about stud and draw from my grandpa but was rookie material sitting at a hold em table. I had free room and plane tickets so I figured bring 500.00 and that would do for the 7 days. Long story short ... placed in the money for the pool tourney. Between the bottled water prices and thinking I would double my money playing this easy game called holdem I was left with about 50.00 and 3 days to go. I end up across the street at the Westward Ho playing dollar blackjack. Thinking back now , that was sad. Bad beat #2 . Scheduled to be in Vegas right now but due to girlfriend getting found with smoke on her person going thru Saint Louis airport, all plans have been delayed. I told her before we left the house that 'so and so' would meet up with us once we were in Vegas and all needs would be taken care of . Thinking about it right now , sad.

  5. Everyone collaborated on this giant ( Let's let Daniel win ) scheme and they are sitting around in this secret lair snickering. Daniel is going around thinking its luck and Choice Kool-Aid that is paying the bills. Now there are a few stragglers who are like " ****that , I am not letting him win " , that's when 4th place and 7th place gets tossed his way.

  6. Ever since day one I have been keeping track via twitter feeds on what DN is doing. No computer access while I am working during the day. Driving around STL checking DN updates without killing anyone is pretty remarkable. So today is my short day , a quick route thru Ballwin, Ellisville , Chesterfield , back down to Grey Summit then home. Daniel is tweeting that there is 25 left and they are playing down to 16. I am thinking , stretch it out Daniel until I get home so I can see a live feed. But **** no , they had to rap it up twenty minutes before I make it in the door. Even though that has been a grip of mine, it all gets fixed with a monster take down tomorrow. I don't have to work and I am saving my money for wsop ( first time ) , so all I have to do is play Bovada , and live feed watch .Good luck tomorrow Daniel , I hope you get this win. Your swag level will be unbearable if you do , but suck it. ** side note , - I have had the song DEAD GIVEAWAY stuck in my head all day.

  7. You have posted pictures of the interior of your home in the past and I remember seeing a Golden Tee 05 / 06 (i think). I know that you have a pretty bad ass simulator but was wondering if you still have the GT?Have you thought about upgrading to a 2012 version?, they have the Unplugged software available.Who is your favorite Danette ?would you consider joining the website ... dial a star ??I think you would garner say $20 to $25 a minute. I would call you and chat for two minutes.

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