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  1. 11am gamesMiami(oh)+19 vs NorthwesternAuburn-2.5 vs ArkansasEastern Illinois+36.5 vs Penn St(10 only, get a sweat on the school i went to)Mich St-4.5 vs IllinoisBoston College +14 vs Virginia Techupto 25 each
  2. LOL at all of this. Obviously I still feel he owes me the 50, but Im not that kind of guy to keep bitching about it. I obviously will still remind him about it any chance I get(as in the coaching thread). As for them taking action posted after instead of yours. Why the hell would they take yours? I cant remember and dont feel like looking if you posted first or the other guy that night, but I went with the person I felt would be more legit, not who posted first. Guess I was wrong. You can take anyones action you want, its your bet. Most people will say, if his fills up then I want this
  3. Have this for today:Kkot: +15(paid)Nuts: +10(paid)Dscoot: -10(shipped)Wsox: -25(shipped)Strippers: +20Serge -25(shipped)Ship to TheBest1(H) on ftp or post your names if I owe u.
  4. I just figured u owed him 25. He owed me 25. I owed him 25. That works, right?edit:Very hungover and that just made my head hurt even more
  5. Bengals-6 @ Browns(15 left)Houston-9 vs Raiders(15 left)Colts-10 vs Seahawks(10 left)Giants-8.5 @ Chiefts(15 left)Cowboys-3 @ Broncos(15 left)
  6. Bengals-6 @ BrownsHouston-9 vs RaidersColts-10 vs Seahawks(10 left)Giants-8.5 @ ChieftsMiami+1 vs Bills(10 left)Cowboys-3 @ Broncos(15 left)Upto 25 each
  7. Bengals-6 @ BrownsHouston-9 vs RaidersColts-10 vs Seahawks(10 left)Titans-3 @ JagsGiants-8.5 @ ChieftsMiami+1 vs Bills(10 left)Saints under 45.5 vs Jets49ers over 37 vs RamsCowboys-3 @ Broncos(15 left)Upto 25 each
  8. Bengals-6 @ BrownsHouston-9 vs RaidersColts-10 vs SeahawksTitans-3 @ JagsGiants-8.5 @ ChieftsPatriots-1.5 vs RavensMiami+1 vs BillsSaints under 45.5 vs Jets49ers over 37 vs RamsCowboys-3 @ BroncosUpto 25 each
  9. Yup. Would have been mine but Kobe beat me to it.
  10. I can ship now or just wait til after tomorrow. Let me know.
  11. UCLA+5Notre Dame U 54.5Penn St-7Florida St-4Upto 25 each.
  12. ha. Dont think we'll have that problem anymore, but we'll see.
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