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  1. Forgot about this. Out now, but will ship tomorrow.
  2. Cards-14 vs LionsTexans-14 vs RamsPatriots-7 vs BillsBrowns/Chiefs over 37Raiders+14 vs BroncosUpto 50 each
  3. Cards-14 vs LionsTexans-14 vs RamsPatriots-7 vs BillsTitans-5 vs DolphinsBrowns/Chiefs over 37Raiders+14 vs BroncosSeahawks-6.5 vs BucsUpto 50 each
  4. Dont know if he owes anyone else $ but it seems as if BDungy has taken off on us. He owes me and Strippers some $ from Thanksgiving Day bets. Sent him a pm and no response and he hasnt been logged on since that night. Anyone know him? Its not very much $ at all so not really worried about it, just wondering if the guy is alright?
  5. Sorry bud, just remembered about this. Shipped on Stars.
  6. Book those for 20. Also looking for titans+6 vs Colts upto 50.
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