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  1. glArizona+7 upto(50)Arizona under 57.5(100)Cowboys+3(300)Ravens/colts over 44(100)
  2. Arizona+7 upto(100)Arizona under 57.5(100)Cowboys+3(500)Ravens/colts over 44(100)Chargers-7.5(100)
  3. Going to the game tonight, looking for a sweat. Bulls-6Bulls under 198.5Upto 25 each.
  4. nm, Im a idiot. I just saw that you had no after Row Williams TD.
  5. were u listing the bets as that you wanted them? I think either way it worked one person could have only won a buck or two???Can someone else figure this out, Im just confused?
  6. pretty sure u won $1 on that. Roy Williams didnt score
  7. Youngstunna7(chicago) on stars or TheBest1(H) on ftp.
  8. Don't worry about it til after this. Stiles, all good, bet is booked.
  9. Jets+3(50)Cowboys-3.5(150)Packers(100)Max in caps.
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