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  1. mini rant about minor hockey.Who's retarded idea was it to change the age groups so Midget is now 15, 16, 17? This is already the age group that has the biggest discrepency in the size and physical maturity level of kids, Plus the age where most players are more concerned with throwing a bone crushing hit than scoring a goal, and now we have pre-pubescent teenagers playing on the same ice as bearded, full grown men. It is a recipe for disaster.I'm the asst coach on a Midget B team in lethbridge this year. All the 16 and 17 year olds in Lethbridge end up playing AAA, AA, or tier 1. Our team is comprised of one 17 year old, one 16 year old, and sixteen 15 year olds. We travel to surrounding small towns and play the only team from that town, comprised of 75% 16+ year olds, and we predictably get destroyed physically. We started the season with 17 skaters, and we currently have 8 injured players, including 3 concussions. There are certain teams that I almost don't even want to send my kids onto the ice against.
    What did midget used to be? My last age group for hockey was MJ, which was 16, 17, 18. 15-17 doesn't seem much different to me but I guess it probably is?
  2. I'd be very surprised if Rask doesn't get 300 wins. He's a great goalie, would be a #1 on a lot of other teams. 2 years ago he almost led us into the 3rd round of the playoffs (we'd still like to forget about that series) after stealing the #1 job from Thomas. Last year his win/loss record was a bit skewed because despite playing well, he didn't get any run support from the offense. This year he's still looking great, unfortunately he doesn't get much playing time behind the best goalie in the league. After next year when Thomas' contract is up and Rask becomes our #1 you'll all see! BTW, lifetime NHL stats:GP W L T OT SO GA SA Sv% GAA Min 88 40 31 0 9 8 184 2,470 .926 2.23 4,946 Very good numbers for a young goalie.

  3. So... I scored 2 goals tonight. This is my first year in an actual league since MJ 9 years ago. I'm on a 3 game streak and have 4 goals in 4 games. This is absolustly ludicrous considering I'm fat and out of shape, and this league is way harder than I really expected. Hope to keep it up though! On a pretty big high! Tonight's goals were the first 2 I really felt I deserved, so that's a pretty cool feeling.

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