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  1. They're awesome at that butcher. My name is orange puma hat. Because I'm always wearing an orange puma hat when I go there. They've never asked me my name but they're always like ehhhhhhhhhh orange puma hat, what can I get ya bud?
    Can't wait til next time you go in and they're all like "ehhhhhhhhh double dummy, what can I get ya bud?"
  2. I haven't looked up any odds on any sites but I think the St. Louis Blues would probably be a very good bet now. I only see them getting better over the second half of the season. Guys like Halak, Stewart, Berglund, Arnott, etc... They haven't overachieved by any means. David Backes is their leading scorer. They have two excellent goalies each capable of going on a very good run and a very solid and balanced defense. They have great depth, which Boston has proven to be a very good template. They have a great combination of youth and veteran leadership. I think guys like Arnott and Langenbrunner are very valuable in the playoffs because they've been through it before and know what it takes to win. The St. Louis Blues current average age according to Capgeekis 26.8. The current average age of the Boston Bruins is 27.8. That means (for all intents and purpose) that the Bruins won the Stanley Cup with an average age of 26.8. #ThingsThatMakeYouGoHmmmThe Blues also have over $9 million in cap space. They may be only a move or two away from being a serious contender this season. Would they give up Tarasenko? Would they go after Shea Weber? They do need to get healthy. I can see Jonathan Cheechoo getting a surprise call-up and going all "Chis Kontos" in the spring. The Blues end up winning the Cup and Cheechoo is the Conne Smythe winner. Cheechoo's rollercoaster of a career is deemed worthy of a Canadian movie.It could happen.You should put a bet on the St. Louis Blues.At the end of the Stanley Cup playoffs, you don't want to be one of those guys muttering, "I shoulda bet on the St. Louis Blues."Sorry about the hashtag.
    Just looked at the standings, really had no idea the Blues were doing so well. Also noticed they are 0-5 in the shootout, meaning they could possibly have even more points than they already do if they were good at shootouts. There's no shootouts in the playoffs, so they are prob even a better playoff team than reg season team if that makes sense. * (*I just got home from hockey and have had a bunch of beers)
  3. I did this one, but it was 10.5 and 59.
    Ha I made this bet yesterday too.Wish I had more money on my book to ride the Kansas game with you guys, but my money's already tied up in stupid things like this:N3IXfSOl56YG_xHbIRW5.jpg
  4. I know we lost, but that $5 was worth it. Great comeback. Bad for us but that was great, but whatever. Just wish I had considered betting Sacramento to win at th half. I'm still watching til the end, hoping for OT. Lol.
    Damn that would have been an amazing bet. I had a little on our team (LOL I can't even remember who we bet on) to win -3 too. Wish we'd done this bet at the half, prob paid ridiculous amounts.
  5. I had it written out and everything than I deleted the post. Mil to win by 21 or more was +1000. Which is insanely low.Anyways since I am not betting I will probably go perfect so if anything sticks out I will post for u guys.
    Haha, I considered that bet. They're up by 21 at the half, hopefully they play more bench players so SAC can catch up just a bit.
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