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  1. Daniel Negreanu wins the poll at foxsports.com!!!!Daniel would like to thank everyone at fullcontactpoker.com. He says your votes pushed him over the top.He's getting ready to play Howard heads up. This match won't be shown live on tv right now but will be a 1 hour episode, aired at a later date on foxsportsnet.Interesting side note: Annie Duke will be doing the commentating.-Travis
  2. Daniel says, "GO FCP!! Keep up the good work!!" :-) -Travis
  3. Daniel is the chipleader going to the final six of the FullTilt Poker.net tournament held at Wynn Las Vegas.You can watch the final 6 LIVE on Fox Sports Net at 3:00 PST.The final six:Daniel NegreanuPhil GordonKristi GazesTed ForrestJohn D'AgostinoClonie GowanUpdates as they come in from Da...oh yeah, nm it's on tv :wink: -Travis
  4. WSOP $10,000 no limit hold'em main eventI'll be posting updates as they come in from Daniel. The updates will probably be mostly chip counts alone.1:08- Daniel is at the featured table. He's at 2975 in chips. He lost two huge pots. One hand he had KK and got rivered. Then the other hand he flopped the nuts and was rivered again. 2:13- Daniel was down to 800 but after doubling up twice he's now at 4900.Daniel is all in before the flop with AQ, his opponent has QJ.Flop: Q 2 5Turn: 6(4 flush for other player-needs a club or jack)River:53:00- Daniel has 1100 at break. Blinds will be 100-200 when
  5. WSOP $5000 2-7 Draw Lowball(rebuys)Just found out Daniel won't be playing in this event.-Travis
  6. WSOP $1000 NLHE w/ rebuysWhen Daniel first arrives he moves in blind and lost with J2. Then he went all in with Kd2d vs AJ and hit a 2 on the river.2:09- Daniel only rebought 3 times and 2 add ons. Decided to go careful in case he doubles up in the other event.2:43- DN is at 6650Scott Fischman is at his table.4:59- Daniel was over 10,000 until he lost a tough one. DN checks in the bb with 85.Flop: Q 8 5AQ goes all in DN calls.Turn:3River:3DN down to 4000.5:22- Daniel has J 10 vs A 8 on a flop of J 8 2.turn:2river: ADaniel is out-Travis
  7. WSOP $3000 limit hold'emUpdates from Daniel will come at the breaks from now on as it is getting closer to the main event.2:11- Daniel has 2525 after the first break. Showed up with 2800. At DN's table is Jesse Jones and Matthew Hilger.Daniel made some raises with suited connectors and broke even with those.DN raises w/ KQ and the bb calls.Flop: Q 10 4he checks, DN bets, he callsTurn: Ahe bets, DN raises figuring that if he's 3bet he's beat. Other player does 3bet and DN folds. "It ended up being a bad fold because he shows Q 10 meaning I was getting the right price to call with 10 outs."The n
  8. He text messages me. The time in between hands is enough for him to send messages.
  9. WSOP $10,000 Pot Limit OmahaThey are giving players an option. Start with 5000 and keep a rebuy or take the 10,000 right away. Daniel was the only one at his table to take the 10K.Daniel's table: Paul Maxfield, Juha Helppi, Carlos Mortensen.2:28- Daniel wins a small pot with AAK6Flop: J 8 5Daniel had the nut flush drawTurn: ADN bets and he foldsThe blinds are 25 252:35- DN loses a pot with middle set to top set. Only lost 1275 so he's still at 10,2002:55- Robert Williamson on DN's left, just won a sick hand. Robert had AJ97 vs. AAKQFlop: Jh 9s 5h(gives RW the nut flush draw)Turn: A!River: 8hDa
  10. Yep it happened. I have no clue where it went though. That's the second time I go to edit my post and notice 2/3 of it is gone :shock:
  11. WSOP $3000 No Limit Hold'em1:12- Daniel skipped the first level or so and has now arrived with 2800.1:16- Mad man Randy Jensen at Daniel's first table.1:17- Daniel is getting a massage right away.1:50- Daniel doubles up. Raised to 200 and one caller. Daniel makes it 600 in the bb and gets one call. Flop: K 5 3 DN bets 600, he moves in with AK Daniel wins the pot(not sure what he had) Up to 6200 Half my table is from Norway. I'm approaching this tourney like an online tourney. -DN 2:45- Daniel up to 8500 now after rivering three 10's and then rivering the nut flush. Feels Good!!!3:08- Daniel up
  12. WSOP $5000 Omaha hi-low 8or better12:43- At Daniel's table: Bob Feduniak, Paul Darden, Tom Franklin1:14- "With 5000 in chips we are playing 25 25 blinds,which is pretty pointless. Yesterday in NO LIMIT the blinds started at 25 50! Man, they got it backwards." -DN2:25- There's is seat still open at DN's table. Odds on Phil Hellmuth as a favorate to fill the spot. Daniel has 4500.2:34- Hellmuth bettors win. It was Phil who just showed up. 2:44- Daniel is having a lot of fun today with Hellmuth and Edog on his left. He jokes "The needle is out and we're cracking crazy jokes."2:45- DN says "Phil
  13. For future reference: Larry the Cable Guy and whigger slang does not mix. They go together like lamb and tuna fish.-TravisOr spaghetti and meatballs, if you prefer that analogy.Um, yeah, I do. This is America, after all.I'll come down there and give YOU a crew cut, mister!Bah...hhhh...amhh...STOP YELLING AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. For future reference: Larry the Cable Guy and whigger slang does not mix. They go together like lamb and tuna fish.-Travis
  15. WSOP $1500 Razz3:19- Daniel up to 19654:18- Daniel now at 1000.5:25- Daniel up to 2275. Been chopping away.5:33-DN at 3225 after making 75432 on the river vs. 7643A5:45- Archie Karas the razz specialist, is at DN's new table. Daniel has A248 vs. 8954. DN catches KQ8 lol. Archie makes 9 high.5:53- Archie pulls another miracle out against Daniel. Down to 1800.5:58- Daniel up to 27006:22- DN at 2385. Lost another pot to Archie. All 3 times hes had Archie in bad shape, but lost all 3.7:08- Daniel at 2000 now.7:15- Up to 3800 after making 6 vs 7.7:28- Daniel starts with A 3 4 and makes 8 6. Up to
  16. WSOP $5000 NLHE short(6 max)1:10- Daniel has had AK twice, but hasn't made anything.1:12- Daniel loses a big pot with 10 10. Down to 1800.1:55- Daniel is out with JJ to Haralobos's AK. Time to play Razz!http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...p=244818#244818-Travis
  17. WSOP $2000 No Limit Hold'em12:30- Daniel doesn't recognize anybody at his table. At the 4 tables around him he recognizes a total of 2 people.1:30-Daniel has KQ diamondsflop: Jd 10d 3cTurn: 6hRiver: 2cDN only lost 150 on the hand. He's at 2475.1:46- Daniel raises in late position to 125 with 77. SB raises to 500. DN calls. Flop: 10 8 2Check, checkTurn 9SB bets 800, Daniel calls.River is 2Check, checkHe had AK. DN up to 3825.2:02- Daniel just lost two pots, one with QQ and another with 55. He's down to 2525.2:15- Daniel has 3250 at the break. He won two pots with 53 and 69.2:54- SB limps for 1
  18. WSOP $5000 Limit Hold'em1:05- Daniel says he's playing super tight. Only had 2 hands so far, JJ and KK. Lost the minimum on both and now at 4600.1:15- "I've folded AQ, AJ, KJ, 55, QJ, 78s. Just no good reason to play with 25-25 blinds. Only played KK and JJ and still got several callers"1:37- Todd Brunson raises, Liz Lieu 3bets, DN calls on the buttonwith 10 10.Flop: 9 5 5Todd bets, Liz calls, DN raises, both callTurn: 3check,check, DN bet, Todd calls, Liz foldsRiver: 7check, DN bets, Todd callsDaniel up to 5350.1:57- Daniel raises UTG with QQ and gets 5 callers.Flop: K K 3DN bets and gets che
  19. WSOP $2500 NLHE12:30- EDog and Julian Gardner at DN's table12:40- Down to 1000 already. In the blinds vs Julian, DN had A 10 and he had 55. Flop 10 5 2. Turn 3. River 2. DN folds the river and Julian shows.12:55- Daniel has 675 chips and hasn't won a single pot so far.1:11- 3 limpers for 25 each, DN makes it 125 on the button and Everyone folds. Up to 725.1:43- Daniel was down to 525 and grinded up to 1575.2:07- Daniel at 1000.2:40- Daniel at 1950. He calls a min raise from the bb with 10 4 diamonds.flop: Q 9 10(two diamonds)DN check raises and the other player folds.2:50- Daniel having fun to
  20. this is the 3rd time DN makes fun of other players, what is he trying to accomplish here? I just dont get it, are u making this up travis?Of course I'm not making it up, c'mon.I'm assuming JDags and DN are just laughing it up at the table. I don't think Daniel is trying to "hurl insults" at him for no reason.Anyone who's seen Daniel play in person will usually tell you he's always laughing and needleing the other players. It's always in good fun.-Travis
  21. WSOP $5000 7card stud1:15- After the first level DN is up to 6075.At his table is John Dagostino(JDags), Bob Feduniak, Mike Wattel, Kevin Song.1:42- Up to 7005. Just made jacks up against JDags.2:06- DN up to 8550 after making a flush.2:19- After making a straight DN's up to 9425 :)2:36- Daniel up to 10500. Pocket KK holds up unimproved.2:42- Daniel is now getting a massage and listening to Cirque du Soleil.2:53- At the end of level 2 Daniel is sitting on 9345. Had a pair and straight draw but missed.3:12- Daniel just lost a monster pot to JDags. DN had an ace high flush but lost to JDags when
  22. WSOP $1500 no limit hold'em12:58- "the player on my left is very weak tight. folded to me in the sb and I make a small raise with aa. He folds QJ!!" -DN1:00- Daniel has had some big hands but the table is squeaky weak tight. Up to 16251:07- Other than Jeff Shulman, the table is playing so weak tight its laughable. Hard to win many chips, hard to lose them as well.1:40- Such a bizzare table, so weak tight that Daniel is raising most hands without looking at his cards.When 2 people fold, it's an automatic raise. If they call then he checks his cards later.1:15- DN out. Shulman took him out with
  23. Daniel is currently looking for a challenge match reporter to cover the action at the Wynn. This is a paying position so in order to fulfill the job requirements, the person must live in Las Vegas and be completely available. Because the challenge matches can happen at any time, availability is very important. If you are interested in this position please send an email to daniel@fullcontactpoker.com. Please send all qualifications you have for this position along with your contact information.Thanks,Travis
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