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  1. Thanks for the responses guys. At the time I quickly repotted all in. I had no doubt that he had an AAxx hand, and he did have AA with the 5-9 of spades. I was about a 1 or 2 percent favorite preflop with a large chance of a split. Not the point is that he hit the flush on the river after flopping 4 to it, but I wasn't sure how happy I should be with a pot raise coming back my way with only the possibility of flopping a set of kings or a broadway straight to fall back on for win outs. It was a very small edge to push if I felt like I was against an A-A hand, but I don't think there is another way to play it.

  2. norton goodphillip okaylobo...not so much
    I didn't know these were being judged....and by the looks of the things, you rated people higher on the status they hold on this site. With Norton up the top.... i didnt really find his as funny, i havent really found any so far, that funny.But since we're scoring, you get a 0/10, you didnt even have one. Maybe you should try judge less, and participate a little more.
    do the words "noob cannon" mean anything to you?? ahthankyoup.s. it's 6 am where I am, let the daytime posters get on and show it up, then we'll see some action.
  3. people on the internet talk a lot of noise sometimes. Anyone who's played some online poker has seen some dirty online poker trash talk. In the same vein as the "you know you're playing a fish when he says..." thread, I want to hear the greatest "poker putdown" you've ever heard. I'll kick it off, it's not great, but it made me laugh. Bodog PLO table, guy calls off all his chips --a full 12 dollars-- on the turn with a gutshot straight draw. After he misses and reloads, he calls his opponent a:Noob CannonProceed at your leisure...

  4. I like your response Billiards, it seems like the only way to play this hand is to reraise, but the more I think about it, my hand isn't that good as a preflop hand either. At the .25/.50 plo level, few players I've run into will reraise a raise with a middle wrap even double suited. My immediate assumption was that he had A-A-x-x.Facing another A-A, is my hand any good? The only win hand I can make is a broadway straight, while if one or both of his aces are suited, he's got a lot of potential to beat me. But can anyone lay this down here? Any other arguments for a flat call, no KKK or broadway (and what about just a draw to broadway) or lay it down on the flop?

  5. Mike Matusow vs. Shawn Sheikhan$500,000 NL HoldemBlinds 1/2Just to make this match go as long as it can and watch Sheikhan get his ass kicked verbally and in poker.
    How about 1-2 limit then, or perhaps pot limit--Mouth: I bet the pot you idiotSheik: You're bad and stupid, I repotMouth: You're badder and stupider, I repotSheik: Fold, but you'll get what's yours you bad poker playing sucker.
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