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  1. Playing sunday forsure, heading out tom gl
  2. playing the 2day, anyone else in
  3. Heading in today playing wed, thurs, and sat.
  4. gg Chris-lfc, congrats on the cash
  5. sighhh out , gonna run some other stuff then the 109 6 max tonight.
  6. in 4 and 5 got crippled third hand in. flop top two, he had two pair, we got it all in he turns his boat fml
  7. Playing a lot of these, anyone else in?Post what events your in, hopefully we can get some jerseys.
  8. might be a final table 6.50 super turbo on FT dansaboss 1300 to first 14 left
  9. Stars$109 40k$215 WU$100r 250k$55 200k$50r 35k$11 250k$109 1r1a Turbo 25k$215 Million$55 75k$55 1r1a 20k$215 2nd Chance$109 80k$100r 150kFTP$75 20.5k$55 1r1a 22k$256 Brawl$163 150k$75 24k$22 Double Deuce$216 750k$59 Super Turbo KO 25k$75 40k$216 Mulligan$109 Turbo Cashout$109 1r1a 33k$163 75k$100r Turbo 125kIN this.... one of my first posts gl all
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