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  1. ok here is one from me....sitting 1/2 NL at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi....Every folds to me on the button I raise to $12 with A 10 suited hearts. Small Blind folds and Big Blind Calls. BB has been playing super tight all night. Flop comes 8 8 K. I bet out $20. BB tanks for about 4 mins and finally calls. So I assume I might be able to get him off the hand. Turn 8. I bet $55 into the pot. BB thinks about it and min raises. I was going to fold but stupid me thought no you can push him off the hand so I shove for $325 more. He tanks for about 7 mins and finally he calls and tables pocket Queens. I tell him good call and show my A 10. I was angry with myself until the river came the fourth 8. Giving me quads with Ace kicker to win the pot....sickest beat I ever put on someone. Felt great to get saved from my stupid play....ive gotten a lot better since then.

  2. I had one in my first year of playing...it was live at the Grand Casino in Biloxi, MS. I held A J hearts. I got a $500 bonus since it was in Feb. when i hit it and I got a Grand Casino Poker room jacket and picked up a $300 pot in 4-8 limit. That is the only one but i have had 23 str8 flushes.

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