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  1. Everyone has their opinion on superstitions...You got your Howard Lederers to your Phil Laaks to your Sammy Farhas in almost every poker game.I'm curious as to what your superstitions are? What are your crazy antics that help you flop the cards you need?Mine is fairly simple: i have this necklace with a tiger pendant that i put around my neck as i walk or drive to my next game. Then i sit down at the table and remove the necklace and wrap it twice around my right wrist. It works for me!
  2. buddy. my bad beat story hardly ever happens. your bad beat makes much more sense.So first of all...this is a forum for general poker so this kind of story still falls under that category.Second of all...this kind of thing definitely does not happen to poker players every day all the time. look back and read exactly what happened. This kind of thing hardly ever happens.
  3. I'm tired of all these people who say that people who share poker stories are "crying on these forums."We're sharing hands that are interesting or significant and there's absolutly nothing wrong with that.There was not a hint of complaint in my story and i think that people like poker noobie are the problem on forums. Those people attack every single post like its personally offensive to them. So shut up.
  4. the worst bad beat everNL game of 8 players1/2 blinds. Most of the players are new to the game and are just playing around for fun.Our hero whom we shall refer to as X is dealt Ah Kh one off the button. UTG raises to $8, fold, call, call, call, X raises to $24. SB folds, BB folds, UTG calls, fold, fold, fold, fold. 2 players to the flop.Current Pot: $75Flop comes Jh, 8h, 2h. UTG goes all in for a bet of $274. X calls.Current Pot: $623Cards flipUTG has 7h 3s. Turn comes 9h. River comes the dreaded Th.UTG says "Haha...what a sucker I knew i had you."X says "good hand" and leaves the tabl
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