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  1. Daniel nice letter.I read it a couple of days ago when it was posted.I knew that vet would tee off on this as I am from springfield and read the paper daily.This person comments on almost all stuff on sj-r and is always negative. It will be pointless to argue with this person as he will never see your side of the story.but you can all do what you want.I just wanted to give peole heads up and not to waste your time it is not worth it to tell are points to someone who doesn't really care just wants to get people mad and get a reaction out of them.

  2. Does RPM have more sng traffic than Carbon? I for one, am about fed up with Carbon and having to wait f'n 25 minutes for a normal turbo six man sng to fill. Their Super Turbos fill all the time which is ghey. If not RPM, who else can fill the void? Last night I got so f'n tired of waiting that I got into a hu nlhe cash game and donk'd half my f'n roll away... fml.
    I know most americans do not want to here it but if you play sng you are going to have to be patient.I do not think there is is a sight out that had the traffic that PS or FT had. So if you choose to ply that kind of game it will take awhile for them to fill up. Best of luck and try not to let it put you on tilt
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